Granada, 2020 a.d.

Granada, 2020 a.d.

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Darn it John,

You showed 'em our plans for Little Corn.

They ain't seen nothin' yet

Wait till they see the new man-made island shaped like a bottle of FDC.

with a tower

shaped like an Extreme Cigar :-0.


There ya go!

Next door to the one shaped like a giant okra.

Something is missing.

Hey wait . . . where in the picture are the flying saucers and the 8-story tall statues of President Daniel Ortega arm in arm with George W. Bush?

como todo buen piloto . . . mujeriego y borracho.

Alabate Pato

Que Tomorrow te Mato :-).

An old Pinolero saying folks :-P



As long as they put a fence around it........preferably with a wire connected to Union Fenosa. and maybe they can make one of those escape movies.....escape from Granada.

I sure hope your crystal ball is broken . . .

I sure hope your crystal ball is broken . . . or I'll be hiding in the hills of Mataglapa ; )

I was in that city years ago

and it struck me as being too dam conservitive for a sailor like me what has happened in these last few years?

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

it's not so bad yet . . .

hopefully it won't go there for a long time yet . . .

You took

some great pics! Enjoyed seeing them.