Paso Caballo

Paso Caballo

In keeping with the name we caballos bought this house on the estuary...but we are going to knock it down and rebuild.

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Where is this Dave?

Where is this Dave? What's with your camera's 120 x 120 pixel size. ; )

sizist remarks

hey ...don't blame my camera , or my location it's ME!! I am too dumb..(under educated) to operate this goddam computer properly. and my five year old is on holiday in Turkey so he can't do ir either...

Corrected Size

Miskito Alan &#174


thanks o master of resizing.....the house is at Paso Caballo and isnt it lovely and apolitical?

am I going to find that on a map?

closer to Managua, Leon or Granada?

paso caballo

oh yeah sorry mate....paso caballo is about 5kliks from Corinto (S) about 12 kliks from chinandega (E)if you look on a map above Corinto there is a bit of an estuary thing goin' on we are at the bit that sticks out like a finger????

and where is the house you're going to build?

and where is the house you're going to build?