La Comida Nicaraguense

La Comida Nicaraguense

Far from a traditional cook book, La Comida Nicaraguense is much more a book of Nicaraguan culture with some traditional recipes scattered throughout. One chapter for example, "La Mesa de Un Cacique Nicaraguense en 1528", spends a lot of time showing where what we consider the natives came from and how things evolved.

Illustrations--mostly drawings--are scattered throughout making the book just feel friendly even if your Spanish is less that wonderful.

Recipes tend to be simple but not likely combinations you would think of and, in many cases, using ingredients you would not consider food. For example:

Cuiso de Hola De Chayote (Chaya)

(San Lucas, Madriz) Miguel Marirez Rizo


  • Hojas de chayote
  • Masa de maiz
  • Tomate
  • Chiltoma
  • Achote
  • Aceite


Se pone a sancochar los hojas, una vez realizado seto, se lavan y se pican. La masa se prepara con achiote. Se pone aceite en la cazuela o sartén, con un poco de tomate y chiltoma y estando dorados se pone la masa batida con agua, que quede espesa y después cuando el recado o masa batida esté cocida se le echa la hoja picada y se está moviendo con un cucharón durante 6 minutos.

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Is this the same Wheelock who was Nicaraua's minister of agricultural development and agrarian reform and part of the FSLN's nine person Directorate? If so, I'm sure there is a lot more interesting stuff than just cooking.


Yup, same one. But, don't expect Sandinista politics in the book. The historical part shows where cultures, not political movements came from. :-)

I was going to post the ISBN but got interrupted. 99924-57-14-7. By Hispamer, Aptdo Postal A-221, Zona 13, Managua, Nicaragua. Not sure where I bought it but I paid $5.50 for it. Possibly La Casita.

Best Buying Place

Hispamer Book Store which is very large is located about 4 blocks from Hotel Legends and across from the University. If they published the book; I'm certain you would find the book there.

Below is the address and any taxi driver can take you there. The book store is located within a few blocks of "Hotel Legends" which is located somewhat close to Metrocenter.

Hispamer Book Store --Carr Maysaya----Hotel Legends---Entrada UCA---al la der.

Miskito Alan &#174

Hispamer is building (dont

Hispamer is building (dont know if they started already) their new "Flagship" store in the Metrocentro area....


Is this book

published locally? Do you know who the publishing company is? Any info is appreciated!

Jaime Wheelock ahhh!

I always thought he was gay

sin embargo lo era...