Football (not Soccer) Game! Nicaragua vs Panama

Football (not Soccer) Game! Nicaragua vs Panama

The game is tommorow at 2pm if anyone in Managua is interested .....the entrance is FREE

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this is...

thus great! I wish i was there GO GURREROS !!! GO GREENBAY PACKERS YEAH!!

Goldenmami4_djlp: Dios Le Bendiga!!


Da Bears!


Packers fan fro life!!! we are #1

>¡Apenas porque lo se demora, no significa su negado!!<< Goldenmami4_djlp-


not last year you weren't, the Bears won the division. However, I do think Brett Favre is one of the best and anything could happen this year. Look out for our defense though!


Brett Favre and famiy (Kiln, Ms.) used to be our neighbors and Brett went to school at "U of Southern Ms." (Golden Eagles) with my middle daughter.

My youngest daughter used to handle Brett and family's banking at "Bank of Mississippi".

My youngest daughter & her husband also traded houses one time with Brett's brother.

Miskito Alan &#174


I was brought up to be a Packer hater, I do have respect for that man. Helluva q.b.

didn't the ut longhorns win.....

the national championship. and the whole way through the game, the announcers were talking how great usc was. blah blah blah. how thier running back deserved the hiesmann trophy. blah blah blah. that was one of the greatest games of all times! hoo-rahhhhhhhhhhhh!


I wish Vince had a Bears uniform on this season.

i wish the houston texans.....

had a team. that's why i am a longhorns fan.

Nice to see some fellow football fans out there!

Now that we're completely off the Nica topic....(sorry fyl).

Our house in Georgia was only 10 minutes from the Atlanta Falcons new training camp, and I spent more than a few days watching those fellas in those nice tight pants knock the heck outa each other (shhhh, don't tell Roger *L*).

The only football I won't watch is Dallas or Philly, everybody else is my favorite, with the Atlanta Falcons ruling over all of course!

Back on the Nica topic, I've been unable to find the final score for the Nicaraguan/Panamanian game, nothing in either La Prensa or Nuevo Diario, nothing on the Nica team's website or the Panama's site. Anybody know who won????

We won!

The score was 34-28...:)

sorry, i think you got that wrong.....

we won, 41 - 38. vince young on the game winner with an 8 yard run. go longhorns! National Champions.

how's the airport coming along 111?

It's turning up nice, that much I know, and that it should be completely done in one month, what's your take? you still think March? wait!! march 06 or 07? 06 is gone bro, let's just hope they get it done this year.

Due to the so frequent B.S lines or lies, on when it would be finish, my dear friend Alvaro Alfaro is not the gerente anymore, I just found out last week I went looking for him to ask about my little spot when the airport gets fisnish,that he has been replaced. I guess they found the scape goat.




Go Warriors!

(that is our warriors, and not their warriors *L*) Sure wish I could get up there to see this game! Our Guerreros are awesome players!

This is the first I've heard of them playing Panama since Panama joined the League. Panama has teams playing within their own country for a little while now, so it may be the first time the Guerreros will be going up against some tough competition. Usually they run all over the other team.

Rats! Really do wish I could go. Somebody send me some pics from the game, please.



Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

It's nice to know that the football option will be there.

Not only

is it here, but it's getting better every year.

I've watched their games for the past two seasons, and the handling of the team is becoming more professional, there's more advertising going on, and more sponsors are jumping on the bandwagon.

There's lots of work to be done re: attendance, but that'll change given time.

The addition of Panama to the league is gonna be a great boost. Panama has it's own league and a better caliber of player than what the Guerreros have been used to playing. This should improve the game tremendously!

Sure would be nice to see the home team on local TV sometimes. The local stations show all kinds of local soccer games, surely they could film a football event every now and then...? Does anybody here have any contacts at the local TV stations?


I would think at some point it would at least be accessible on satellite.