Are any of the NL members planning to attend the Expica in Managua next week? My husband and I are arriving on Friday and will be out at the fairgrounds everyday next week. Would love to meet some of the folks from this site. Julia

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They call it the Hipico and starts August 1. Many cities have hipicos at different times of the year, but Managua is the largest I believe with Horse riders (hundreds of them in copetition), trucks with bands, marching school children, carnival rides etc. The best place to view it is just park near the main street, and watch as they pass on parade.


What is Expica? Where (Please not "Circa dis" and "Circa Dat"...real directions Por Favor?!) and when is it held? What to expect?

Newbies on this site too..not just locals or old timer expats..and not everyone knows those Spanish or Nica colloquial names/terms...capiche?

As long as this aint the Sandanista revolution (DE-VOLUTION vs E-volution) celebration reunion event that is happening soon with that Ortega clown...its probably worth a visit...eh?!

Whats the historic perspective experiential Captains Log entry here on this...er EXPICA thing?!

Minor distraction

Sorry for the delay in answering. I had to ride out and run off some wetbacks who were settling in for the night on the back 40. To answer, Expica is the largest cattle exposition of central america and all countries are represented. The beginning is beautiful with each country riding in on horses in their folkloric (not sure if that is word) clothes. The women are decked out in so many colors and riding the most gorgeous horses you have ever seen. They ride with their flags and the national anthem of each country is played over the loudspeakers. The food is fabulous and lots and lots of people. It is worth going. Julia

did you really say . . .

and run off some wetbacks who were settling in for the night on the back 40 . . .

Yes, I did

We have very dry conditions here and if a fire is built ( which they will, settling in for the night as they make their way north) it will burn like those fires in California. Also, the rattlesnakes are on the move, we lost a Jersey cow near the barn from a bite 2 nights ago. I gave them a tow sack with an iron skillet, dry beans, rice, chiles, tomatoes and salt and sent them down the road to a man who will hire them to build fence for a week or so. The only problem with that man is that he won't feed them but he will pay them. Such is life in South Texas. Julia

you got me there. . .

I don't even know where to begin. so I won't.



It sounds like a County Fair...is it on a Fairgrounds or at a Marketplace...or wherever ? Got the directions on another reply...i think...just wondering if it open fields or closed market area...or combo?


I think it starts the 24th and goes through the 28th. It is like a county fair and it is held at the Expica fairgrounds. Any taxi driver will be able to take you. I don't drive when there so I don't know how to get there. Some of it is open air and there are shops in buildings. There is a big arena with stadium seats for the cattle and horse shows. Definitely worth the trip. Julia

Expica is definitely

worth a visit if you've not been before!

It's an exposition of all that's Nicaragua. Most of it's outdoors with what seems like street after street of shops. You can find gun stores, appliance stores, meat stores, custom kitchen stores, TV and phone service stores, etc, etc, etc.

The first few days are when you'll get the best deals (prices are tax free and it's a great time to stock up on building supplies or buy that nice motorcycle you've been eyeing). But expect lots of people!

We always went in the last few days as I simply loathe crowds. Even after all the crowds have thinned, I was always able to get great photos of the brahmas up for auction.

There's a food court of sorts, pretty spread out, with some indoor dining as well. There's one vendor there that sells leather items, and I could stand in that store all day and simply inhale the smell of the leather saddles, halters and boots.

Okay, now for getting there. Not sure where in Managua you're located, but I'll give it my best shot. Head north past the Intercontinental Hotel, go straight thru the rotunda, past the National Assembly and the National Arboretum (on your right), stay straight and cross over the Pan Am (it's the biggest highway in this area...pretty hard to mistake it). Keep going until you can't anymore. Take a left and this puts you on Calle El Triunfo. Follow this road west for maybe 5 or 6 blocks. You'll pass a big tree in the middle of the road (this area is called El Arbolito). There will be banners and signs directing the way, so once you get near the area it should be fairly easy. You'll make a right hand turn onto the road that takes you to the main parking area.

Have Fun!

Circa dis

Now, I have no idea what the Expica is nor does my Nicaraguan wife. So, I agree, it needs a little explanation.

But, as for directions, you are asking for the impossible. Places here are only near other places. Now, I must agree that giving a newcomer directions relative to where something was before the 1972 earthquake is sometimes a bit strange but it is just a cultural hand-me-down.

Those directions aren't for you. They are for the cab driver or the locals you ask. It's strange but it works. Here is an example.

I live directly behind Hotel Chalet. It is a rent by the hour hotel and lots of couples come there in cabs. Say "Hotel Chalet" to a cab driver and they don't know where it is. But, it is next door to [a gambling place--because I can't use the C-word] Las Vegas which, years ago, was Theatro Nancy's (yes, with the 's). Some cab drivers seem to grumble into understanding where C Las Vegas is but, just say Theatro Nancy's and you have no problem.

Marisol & I Can Come

Just put 2 La Costena tickets (rt) from Puerto Cabezas and pay for us a good hotel room and we will come.

Thanks for the offer and, as always, I appreciate your support.

I promise to bring Marisol and not Lyin' Farmer John Wayne.

Miskito Alan &#174

Only one problem

I just went and checked and the money tree is bare. You know we are in the middle of a drought here in South Texas. Oh well, maybe next time. Julia

Before You Come:

Check with Jim Richard in Sugarland, Republic of Texas.

I think that he will send the money with you for our trip.

Please don't send to "John's" Pay-Pal account.

Miskito Alan &#174

i am so tight......

i squeak. i know Miskito Alan saw where John started a foundation for me. Maybe John's pay-pal account is my foundation?


I saw an article today that Sugarland is #3 in the top ten best places to live in the US. He may never leave again. Julia

oh, i'm leaving......

i just have to get these kids out of the house. hard to think of anywhere that would have me would be in the top 10 best places to live. probably time for me to move on. but, i can't go. this is where my job is. stuck in paradise, til i can move to paradise. how did that happen to me?

Does Sugarland

. . . have an orphanage? :-)

Sugar Land, 2 words....

was a company town. texas's oldest active corporation, imperial sugar is here. yes, this dirt around here used to have sugar cane growing here. and the rice farmers are still here, just west of us, outside of town. we have a foster care facility just outside of town set up by tom delay. but, John i think you are too old. but the foster parent gig is pretty sweet from what i can tell.

Foster's Lager Care

Well, forget the orphanage then. Put me in a sanatarium. Or is it sanitorium? Or is that the congressman? Oh, that's Santorum. You mean Tom Delay did a good deed for humanity????

Just bring all the kids to Nicaragua and be happy together.

he did

not all of humanity . . .

mostly Republicans ; )

Click for 6 Axe-Handle Wide Link

six paragraphs down if you're in a hurry . . . ; )

i know it's fashionable......

i was sitting on the back of my pickup truck (tail gate down) at the general store. some big city slicker driving like a maniac stops and asks me do we have a criminal lawyer in these parts. i took the piece of straw out of my mouth, pushed the cowboy hat back, and said to him, "i think so, we don't have the evidence yet." i know it's fashionable to beat up on tom delay, but you need evidence first. here in the south, someone's good name means something. you need something like a blue dress stained with semen, before you start calling names. just my 2 cents.

Top 10 Places to Live in America

Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua is still #1.

Sugarland, Republic of Texas is #3.


Miskito Alan &#174

PC is in America Alan . . .

say it ain't so . .

No PC!

Only BS!

Miskito Alan &#174