Local Phone Number for Barcelo Montelimar?

I will be returning the 5th and I am taking my friend for one day/night to Montelimar (the limit of my endurance for any all-inclusive hotel, trust me).

Barcelo has long offered local rates in their Dominican resorts especially off-season, and I'd like to have her call them if that's the case, since she's local and I am not local.

Also Barcelo may have the worst web site in the modern world for booking, looking for promotions, well, anything really. And no toll free number is available to them from Nicaragua, though I have Skype and I can call 800#'s OK anyway.

I wonder if a local travel agent in Managua can do better than Barcelo's own rates. For non-weekend it is US$130 a couple with taxes included.

Frankly, I would rather hole up in the Intercontinental or other upscale hote for a night but the lure of Montelimar is too great for a local gal and I am happy to oblige, once.

If anyone knows a number or a travel agent who does, please let me know.

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Let the Lady

I would let the local lady friend of yours do the check-in at the Nica rates. I would hold the taxi and if that does not work - just start walking out of there in the month of August and that will work.

Miskito Alan &#174

I agree, Alan

I am tempted to just go there, let her try, in a pinch we go to a cybercafe and just book online and go back. We can call first if this local number works, may as well see their attitude first.

The Deal

If you go there - you can't lose.

If you can't get the Nica rate - You can get the Gringo rate and plenty of rooms in August. The Gringo rate will be the same or cheaper than on-line.

Go early in the morning and if "no go there with rate" - go to Granada and get the best hotel.

Miskito Alan &#174

Well I am already staying in

Well I am already staying in a fine hotel in Managua so a day in Granada would be a poor consolation prize. If I must, I'll pay the US$130, the fun of taking advantage of the "local deal" is a good reason to go. Given the few experiences I have had in AI resorts, it may be the best part.

Granada . . .

is never a second prize to Managua . . . ; )


I really love Managua and I enjoy Managua.

I love the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua first and MGA second.

I did love Corn Island before I got tired of avoiding bombing in the well known and renowed b. Little Alfgahistan for 10 years.

I'm surprised at our latest poll on "NL" because only one person voted for MGA and I think that was "WT".

Miskito Alan &#174

you're probably right . . .

I have spent no time there and will once we move there . . . there just hasn't been time yet. Maybe you could be my guide to the best of MGA soon . . .

As They Say

1st Prize: Week in Beruit.

2nd Prize: Week in Philadelphia.

Miskito Alan &#174

come on Alan . . .

Phillies murder rate is twice Beiruts, without the awesome climate . . . of course it's different for a Canadian passport than a US I suppose . . . though probably not by much since we are being led around by Condoleezza now . . . sadly

Passport in Philly?

Muggers are now checking passports?

Great News!

Miskito Alan &#174

Phone number

My 1999 rate sheet says 505 269 6769, fax 269 7757.

I'm with you on the one day limit. Take your girl, get it out of your systems, and move on :-)

The rate back then for "Nacionales" was $64 "Habiticion Doble", for July/August. "Individual" was $96.

Thanks, John

Worth a try. They (Barcelo) are quite generous in the DR, locals pay as little as a 1/3 of the rate other than Xmas or Semana Santa.

It's out of my system as of more than a decade ago, but who am I to deny some , in theory, pampering, for a day and a night? I suspect though we may be the only people there in early August. No lineups for chow then.

I have a feeling one could just show up and let her haggle at the reception knowing the price ceiling is their online price which you can literally get for the same day/next day anyway.

Though the price you quote, if per person, is the same now for anyone $65 apiece online. If it is/was $64 for both , a hell of a deal. Well, for an AI that is.

I'd really like to hear how you make out with them . . .

We'll be doing a long weekend in March and will wait to book it from Nica if the rates are that much better . . .

PS. As far as all-inclusive goes, I thought it was a decent enough place. Certainly not overcrowded in March on our previous visit. We had the length on the beach almost exclusively to ourselves. Well us an a couple hundred Quebecois. We didn't speak their language either. Can't say my french has improved but, my spanish is coming along . . . ; )

Not locally booked, local residents

I don't think you are quite getting the idea, arlington - it is not a case of booking there (although in truly desperately quiet times it might be a bit better than online), it is that Barcelo has typically charged local residents (with Cedulas, e.g.) less than tourists, except very busy times, Christmas and Semana Santa (last Xmas it was 7 says minimum, US$300 a day for a couple). Yow.

Whatever happens I will update this thread the week of the 5th. I know for sure to continue living (me) , we will be going.

Ah yes . . .

I understand . . . so one day I'll get a deal but, that day is not here yet ; )


For awhile earlier in the year they were offering some great deals for this summer. I stayed there a few yrs ago for a few days & it was ok, nice pools, ok food, plenty of FDC, comfortable room.

You are right about their website, & believe it or not it used to be much worse.

It's always worth a haggle

Remember, you get free FDC, Victoria, and Tona. It's not all bad.

John Has Got the Deal

If you pay more - Just drink & eat more. Even Steven.

Miskito Alan &#174