Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers

Roger brought these peppers home one day, a gift for me from the wife of one of his worker's he said.

She had called them devil peppers, but a little online research proved them to be datils. They rate about 100,000 on the Scoville chart, and are quickly becoming my favorite here in Nicaragua.

Two peppers, deseeded and sliced, were enough to adequately season a quart size jar of onion relish, but I couldn't resist and made a flamin' jar with 6 peppers, as well. Gotta add some of that to some BBQ sauce and make up a zesty batch of ribs soon!

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Have you tried

To add them in a bottle of olive oil or some other kind of oil?

I do that with some very hot chillies which are from india, and whenever I add a couple of drops of this special oil (which kepps very well) to some food it blows my head off.

I prefer this way so I only have to handle those chillies once.


Nevr put them in oil

but will try that. In the south when I was growing up, you always found a bottle of vinegar and hot peppers on the table for use greens but it would usually make it onto eggs, grits and other things.

You can use it almost anywhere

I use for sauces, just add a couple of drops at the end, if you add them at the beginning of cooking, the sauce will be far to hot to handle. I put a few drops on top of pizzas, on salads,soups, omelettes, pastas, almost anywhere and looks very kool too on top of the kitchen mantel piece.

The principal is "if it doesn't kill you it cures you"


Chili plants

Many small and large properties will have at least one chili plant, its eaither good luck, or keeps the evil spirits away.

You have one on your property yet?

As Roger's workers

clear the land, we're finding that we have all kinds of flora. Almost seems like one of everything!

This past week, we planted both red and yellow Peruvian peppers. The Datils, Costa Rican reds, ornamentals, and bell peppers are healthy in the front yard and hopefully they'll transplant well.

So are ya gonna come plant peppers in December or what? *L*

Handle with care....

Don't rub your eyes after handling those peppers, I made that mistake once but never did it again.....

Minorcan Cooking


While on a flight to Detroit this week, I found that the US Air magazine had an article on Minorcan cooking as it's done in St Augustine FL and how the datil pepper is a primary ingredient. I thought you might find the article interesting.

Food From the Edge

Maybe they are bigger on Majorca.

I see that the recipe calls for either 2 datils or 2 habaneros. Maybe the writer didn't know that a habanero can be more than twice as hot as a datil.

It is lucky for the people in Europe that they managed to find the Americas. Their cooking depends so much on peppers and tomatoes which didn't arrive in Europe until the 16th century.

My grandmother

used to grow ones similar looking to those, and she warned everyone she gave or sold them to "these peppers are HOT be careful"

I bet they will liven up a BBQ sauce.

I made a Deer stew one time, about 10 gallons and put one in the pot and forgot about it, only one man could eat the stew, had to go get some take out for the rest of my invites.

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne


did someone say BBQ?? i'll be down the 22nd... maybe we should have dinner sometime. haha. the peppers made for a brillantly colored picture also. very pretty.

En Cristo, -Marissa