Nica Games, food, and crafts

Hello! I'm brand new, I've been a member for about 39 seconds, but I have a few questions. I'm teaching some children at my church about missionaries in Nicaragua, and I'm supposed to theme the entire evening around Nicaragua. I need a game, a snack, and a craft, and a little information about the culture.

For a game, I've heard that different versions of hide & seek are popular, and I've also heard of a game called macho parado, but I haven't been able to find any directions on how to play it. If you could supply not only the name, but also directions to play, that would be great.

For snack, I don't mind having to prepare something intricate, but, since it is a church event, it MUST be alchohol free. I've been told about two popular desserts in Nicaragua, but both contain rum, and I don't want to get anyone in trouble. A recipie isn't necessary, I can usually find that on google.

For a craft, anything that represents Nicaragua. When we learned about China, we did origami, we made a marraca when we learned about Mexico, so, it can be anything. I've heard that baseball is very popular, and that many kids don't have a baseball available to them, so they make one out of elctrical tape. Something like that would be perfect, I can teach them about the culture and keep them busy at the same time.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, it means much to me. Thank you!

- Emily

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Thank you so much, I'm

Thank you so much, I'm excited to teach the children about Nicaragua. Your comments and suggestions have helped me tremendously, and I was surprised to hear from missionaries. Any more suggestions would will be looked forward to. Thank you!


Welcome Emily!

Hey, i'm one of those missionaries that MA was mentioning. The program youre doing with the kids seems awesome! I wish our church would do that. haha. While in Nicaragua ive worked with between 50-100 kids in different areas and these are the ideas i have for you...

Game, definatly "The Laughing Game". An adult throws up a rag or something in the air, then while its up there, everyone has to laugh, but when the person catches the rag, everyone has to stop laughing. if someone keeps laughing, they're "out" and have to "serve a punishment". you play until about 5-6 people are "out." the "punishments" go something like this...i had to serve one and i had to get infront of everyone and sing a song and dance to it (of course there it had to be in spanish, so it was a disaster and really funny. someone got it on video. quite entertaining). another young girl had to act like she was an elderly person walking with a cane and hunch back. my friend had to act like she was asking her parents for forgiveness...and these people wernt even her real parents, and it was so funny she ended up crying from laughing so hard. the whole church was roaring. it was hillarious.

snacks...well i guess we've never really done that with the kids, but we always have candy for them and they love it. i know us kids in the USA love candy too... the rum cakes popular...but yes, unappropriate for kids. haha.

as for crafts we've done everything from having the kids decorate white tee shirts, to decorating foam picture frames and we took their pictures with those Polaroid cameras so they had their pictures right then and there. for some of them it was their first picture of themselves, and parents were crying. it was amazing, something so simple. we also did stick on Christian tatoos...they loved those. altho im not quite sure how the parents felt about that lol. Also we had a bunch of copies of the Nicaraguan flag, and we let the kids color them. it was cute.

Hope this helps!! Good luck!

En Cristo, -Marissa

One of the Kids favs game are.

1) Trompo: , specially Mancha brava, trompo is a topper top or spin top, whatever the heck they are called in English.

2) Chibolas/Marbles: These are played often,sometimes with money. there are different games played with marbels, my favs growing up was, "La Capital" that's the name of the game.

3) Contar Chistes/Cuentos: This one used to be very popularwith the boys on our Manzana hood,we used to gather on one of the corner and tell stories/chistes.

Handball: I used to play this one as well, it is played with a rubber ball,you strike it with one hand, 2 other kids would try to catch the ball and touch the base.

Baseball: I should have ranked this one at the top, there are 2 kinds of baseball, the rich kids baseball with regular bats and regular balls, and my baseball(poor kids baseball, we used a Branch as a bat from a Guasimo tree and we used several socks bunched up, when we could find little money we would build one with electrical tape, I joined little league with a team of our barrio when I was 10, at the time there were 10 teams in Esteli, 6 where rich kids teams, 4 were poor kids teams, ofcourse the richs kids had their nice uniform and all the equipment, US poor kids we barely had a bat, we would wear our regular clother,some shirts with holes on them and a couple of kids,like our catcher did not even wear shoes. When I was a kid I loved baseball,the game was a pasion for me and my teamates, we played our hearts out,no matter how precariuos our circumstances were. For 3 years in a row, our barrio team was champions,after winning the first championship, our barrio received sponsored shirts for everyone in our proud team from a German gentleman that watched us played in the finals, we never did get to have a full uniform thou.

I played shorts stop and pitched, my last year I was selected to go to the Nationals in Bluefields but I was 1 month too old :-(.


Unique ideas...I hope these works for u!

hello...well..I'm Nicaraguan and I also work as an interpreter and translator with US Christian missionaries,and they bring their kids also,sometimes, so we are careful on what we teach them and stuff.

About the snack,we have some yummy kinda candies and desserts ,non-alcoholic, that they'd love such as Cajetas-this u can buy already cooked,arroz de leche,ayote en miel,atol,if u need any recipe let me know :-P

About the game,Macho Parado is a good game for them,it works like this..if I remember well..hehe u choose a kid and he throws preferably a volleyball to the rest of the kids and also preferably on their feet so that they don't get hurt,the kids are supposed to be running kinda randomly and this kid randomly throws it too,so he-she "kill" the rest,that's most of what I remember it is... :-S but u have other options of games too...

About the craft,we are very patriotic also hehe and I remember we used to draw the Nica Map and national symbols too,u can do that,it's pretty fun and they'll get to learn some cultural info too ;-)

Any questions u have u can let me know any time,if u need to.


Missionaries in Nica

We even have missionaries on NicaLiving. I believe that one and his family have gone back to the USA. Another is in Cleveland, Tn. and will be coming back to Nicargua soon.

FisherCigarMan can help you and probably will give you info.

Just be sure and check here the next couple of days because I'm sure that many people will offer some unique ideas.

Miskito Alan &#174