International Living Conference August 16-18, 2006

Does anyone know anything about the International Living Conference being held in Managua August16-18, 2006? (I subscribe to the magazine.) Would it be worth my while going if I am thinking of investing (on a very small scale - for my future retirement) in Nicaragua? Any suggestions on combining this conference with some trips to look at real estate? Any opinions or information would be appreciated. Thanks - Laura

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...after years reading International Living 'newsletters' and not so much time reading what's offered on this site, I think you'll get ever so much more from this site...tho making a trip to Managua would be good at any time.

i read IL.....

for about 6 months and then asked for the remaining balance back. making a trip to nica would be good. i don't know about managua. lauracor probably didn't read enough of the site before asking the question.

What did you mean? (And still looking for info on IL conference)

I had just discovered this site when I asked the question about the IL conference being held in Managua in August. I'm not sure what you meant by your comment. Is there some reason I should avoid Managua? I've been to Nicaragua - although it was a long time ago... I'd appreciate clarification. Thanks - laura

managua is a big city......

nothing appealing about a big city to me. this appeals to my wife: i am still looking. a friend of my wife's has a place in nica. we talked about nica for a couple of hours. thier place is good luck! if you want a 20 year lease, will build to suit.

Somehow, MA,

I don't think she is. Give her a break!

Is a Joke?

Are you running some joke about that question?

Miskito Alan &#174