born in 2006

I think NL should have a procedure where at least we know interest and the age of the person posting.

Looking at profiles is just a waste of time, there is even people without names, I see ... who is that person, what is that person up to. Must be some way to solve this.

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Privacy issues

My only comment is that if you don't want your life discussed in public, maybe isn't for you. This is the internet, after all.

Age matters

Adding age was because, well, it matters. That is, it helps us get an idea of your interests. I didn't want to just say "age" as that gets out of date. But, the date field defaulted to month-day-year so that is what is there.

If I ever get a chance I will do things: * Just put a year of birth field there and convert the dates to just that. * Make sure someone is at least old enough to read before they can post.

Dishonesty on Bio!

If people post false info on their bio; I tend to discount or eliminate any creditibility to any of their posts.

People can certainly post their real first name, age, hometown, birthplace, interest in Nicaragua, and some info in order for some of us who care about NicaLiving to have proper info that we can relate to their posts. All of this can be done without fear of identity theft.

I always wonder why some people put three periods for all info on their bio and/or other ridiculous things. NicaLiving deserves to be respected in a honest manner and not like a big joke.

Miskito Alan &#174

i like the way you think......

i don't understand why people don't put names. are they worried about identity theft? no socials or driver's license numbers. i did not want to give date of birth bc it is an identifier. but at 45, i have 15 - 20 years before i can move down.

Hey Jim- don't think my real name is Santana? LOL

i think your name

is a little secret. get it? having something to do with a song or a deveopment.

wrong Jim

now see you are wrong....I named my cat Santana after Carlos way before I ever went to Nicaragua.

But my dirty little secret is still a secret...LOL

is that the same carlos santana.......

man, it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone But you stay so cool My muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa You're my reason for reason The step in my groove

Yes that Carlos

Is there any other Santana that wrights like this...YES, that Carolos! I saw him in concert back in the early of the best I've been to.


And if you say this life ain't good enough I would give my world to lift you up I could change my life to better suit your mood Cause you're so smooth


what a great song...we have the same taste in music!

why do you think.....

he picked 7? his lucky #?

i just realized, i was right! i said....

"having something to do with a song or a deveopment." carlos santana definitely has something to do with a song!


The ranch is actually name after some famous Nica Baseball player...forget the guys name but Santana was his real name. Baseball isn't my thing so I really wasn't paying attention to this story when being told it.

and more:

And just like the ocean under the moon Well that's the same emotion that I get from you You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth Gimme your heart, make it real Or else forget about it

birth and privacy

i just signed up and was surprised to see that i was born today. didn't feel like changing it, but maybe i will. as to jimrick's comment, i fully understand people's need for privacy. some like the limelight, some like to lay low. see you in nicanica....

15 Year-Old Visitor

I looked at her bio the other day after she recommended a hotel in MGA. I asked her if she visited Nicaragua with family, friends, or a group. The young lady pleasantly replied that she came with a church work group and planned to come back.

Posts such as hers are refreshing and I hope that we hear more views from younger people.

Miskito Alan &#174


that wasnt me that you're talking about, but im a 16 year old visitor who also started coming down to Nica with my church, and i am going back in July. i want to learn as much as i can before i go alone, like i am this summer. Nicaragua is such a wonderful country with such great people. sure beats the US hands down.

By the way, what was the name of this girl? i havent found too many people my age on here yet.

thanks for all the info you guys put up here.

En Cristo, -Marissa

15 Year Old?

very cool, thanks againEn

awesome, thanks again

En Cristo, -Marissa