Caribbean Coast Gringo Defection

This is a great group for feedback so this goes for those who live, do business or frequently visit Nica's Atlantic/Caribbean coastal areas. So, as a 40 something year-old looking for some hot, humid area to consider investing in and retiring to (at LEAST 10 years off even with a low-cost of living in the region), what areas along the east coast offer good swimming beeches with elevations high enough to not worry excessively about getting washed out with heavy rains or hurricanes/tropical storms (like Beta, which I read did some washing-out of low elevation areas)? Puerto Cabeza looks interesting, but I'm also open to areas that are remote but liveable even if one can only get there by boat. Also, are there actually areas on the east coast that are NOT considered 'indigenious' lands, which according to the country's constitution can not be sold?? Seems like there are some islands that regularly change ownership, then I end up reading some articles about a guy named Tsokos (sp?) who has bought and sold a number of properties in the RAAN that supposedly a foreigner can not do? Your experiences and comments are appreciated. Thanks.

- Bob

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hey...what's wrong with the Pacific side? lol