Suicide shower head

Suicide shower head

Someone asked about a suicide shower head. I took a photo of this one in a fairly new hotel in Granada. The installation job on this one was better than most I saw. The first time I showered under one of these I was sure I was going to be electrocuted.

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Execution chamber?

That look like a hair blower dryer? is it. Where is the tub?

Inocent are guilty bath?

Wired correctly?

To be "properly installed" here, you have to make sure you connect nothing to the green ground wire. Occasionally you see an installation (such as in my house) where the person actually connected this wire to a ground.

Hard to tell from this photo if that wire is connected of not but I would say 80% of the ones I have seen have the ground wire hanging in space. Grounded properly, they are very safe. Not grounded properly, well, ...

how about .....

gfci, ground fault interrupt? not many houses have them?

Only One Exists

And it's in FLY's house.


I think if you install it high enough you wont get jolted,I had one of those, green wire wasnt connected but when I got my head close thats when I felt the awakening call....


I've had one of those things actually catch fire.....And yes, i've been jolted too! (i guess that explains a lot!) ;)


i can remember an occasion when an intimate shower was made better by a jolt at the proper moment....maybe i'm just perverted?