Terminal exit fee?

I've got my husband's flight booked to the US for this Thursday and the taxes are confusing! I know there's an exit fee, but I want to make sure it's one of those listed in the taxes and fees. I got a breakdown, but the International Desk wasn't sure.

Base Fare $521

US tax $14.50

Booking fee $5.00

Security fee $5.00

Terminal fee $32.00 Is this it?

Tourism fee $3.00

Sales tax $78.15

Airport improvement $9.00

Customs $5.00

$7.00 (Agent said she couldn't read her handwriting for this one. Go figure!)

Any help to clarify?

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I think so

The U$ 32 is the going rate for the airport departure tax these days. Most of the airlines are now including it in the final price for the ticket.

Delta had a problem a couple of months ago, and I had to pay it at the airport. However, they've since fixed it and include it in their price, as proved when my wife recently flew to the US.

Steve - Check my Question

Miskito Alan &#174

Her husband is a Nica citizen with a Nica passport.

In years past, Nica citizens with Nica passports paid a smaller amount that had to be paid in Cordobas.

Is this no longer true?

The regular departure tax did not apply.

I dunno

M.A., I figured you might jump in on this. Truth is, I'm not really sure on the Nica side of things.

My take on it is that things seem to have leveled out a bit. For sure, everyone entering the national flights terminal has to pay the U$2 / C$35 fee, regardless of nationality.

I do remember a few years ago that Nica citizens paid the intl. terminal airport tax in Córdobas while extranjeros had to pay exclusively in U$ dollars. I want to believe that most if not all of the airport taxes are being put into the tickets and are across the board, regardless of citizenship ... but don't hold me to that, because I don't speak from sure knowledge.

I suppose that if a Nica citizen purchased a ticket at a local travel agency, they might wave the airport tax, but I doubt it, because this is an important source of income for the airport renovations. Even if it was waived, my exprience has been that I can usually get a ticket on the Internet cheaper that at the travel agency.

PS. One should never embark on an international trip without enough cash to cover the unexpected. You never know when you may have to pay for something that was "supposed" to be included, and even after the best of research, Murphy's law generally applies. Be prepared!

That's what I thought. Thanks!

Geeze, they charge a hellva lot of taxes for flying anymore.

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Maybe One Problem

Miskito Alan &#174

The following info was true 2 years ago.

Maybe someone can give an update.

If a person holds a Nicaraguan passport or residency; the U$32 was not collected.

These people paid less and required to pay in Cordobas (No U$).

Airport Fees

I hold a US passport, when I arrive in Managua I pay $5 entry fee at the customs booth, on departure I pay $35 departure tax. I don't know what the fees are for Nicaragua citizens. I flew to Managua last weekend.


For sure, all non-residents of Nicaragua have to pay the U$5 entry fee; that's not the issue in discussion.

You mention having to pay the U$35 departure tax, and that is of interest to me, as I haven't paid one in quite some time (other than the short lapse by Delta).

Please share with us details of your airline, where you purchased your tickets, etc. so that we can be well advised! Thanks!

Terminal fees

I work for Continental Airlines. SInce I've worked there fifteen years, I can fly standby. I have to pay taxes but not a ticket fee. I live in Houston, so I can visit Nicaragua for wwekend visits. The airport fee increased from 32 to 35 dollars about two months ago. The terminal is greatly imporved and checkin is much less turmultuous than six months ago. I greatly enjoy the culture and people of Nicaragua and also the geography. The volcanoes are incredible. Soon I'd like to spend larger chunks of time in the country. Hope we can share some FDC sometime!


I don't like using travel agencies because I'm familiar with the (majority of TA's, but not all) their unethical business practices. I worked with travel agencies from around the globe for a long time.

Anyhow, I purchased through Exdepia and got AA (Managua-Miami) with connecting Delta (Miami-Atlanta & Atlanta-Moline).

-Shewolf ...Wolves mate for life. I'm just waiting for my mate to come home.

Travel Agencies

Since I have been here, my opinion of travel agencies has changed. While I normally just book directly with airlines on-line, I was trying to put together a flight to Mexico that required airline changes. From amadeus I knew the flights I wanted but Travelocity (not sure if I went to Bill's site too but possibly) wouldn't show one of the flights as an option. The only options I was being offered left me with an extra 8-10 hours in Mexico City.

So, frustrated, I went off to Tisey, a local travel agency. They were well-informed, helpful, efficient and, bottom line I got what I wanted and paid about $50 less than if I had booked it on-line. So, my current approach is go to Nicaraguan travel agencies.

My Thought

Miskito Alan &#174

I can usually get the airline's internet price or any other internet price or less from a travel agency in MGA.

The next thing is that Travel Agencies are able to offer the best seats.

The airline's internet offers the worst seats.

Steve - Possiblity

Miskito Alan &#174

Since "Gator" (Brook) is a 15-year airline employee; that total of U$37 is probably all that he paid.

Probably no charge on ticket.

AA no Exit Fee

I have been traveling Miami- Managua over the Last Year and a Half, AA has been adding the $35 charge to their Ticket, I believe if you travel with Taca and Lacsa you still have to pay the $35 fee at the airport, this FEE has nothing to do with anyone's citizenship,if the airline is not covering it, ALL must pay said FEE.


I can't vouch for LACSA as I haven't flown with them in many years. However, for nearly a year, TACA has been including the airport tax in their final ticket price.

I agree in thinking that these days, citizenship is not the deciding factor. However, we must be clear on one point: the "airline is not covering" the tax EVER! The only one who pays that tax is you and I. The only thing that has changed is that instead of us paying it at the airport, we pay it inside the price of the ticket.

Terminal fees and Booking tickets

I would also ask about the terminal fee when booking the ticket so your not caught by surprise at the airport. Also, you will save a lot of time for yourself if you have exact change. The ticket agent will have to run off and go find change if you don't. At Continental ticket counter I've never seen anyone paying the fee, so I assume it's in the ticket charge.

Make Clear

Miskito Alan &#174

In 1991; I was paying U$15.