Ray Hooker

Does anyone know Ray Hooker? He is a friend of my bother in-laws and I will be meeting him in a few days. Thought I would check and see if he was a member here or if anyone know him. Thanks.

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Wow - talk about a blast

from the past! Ray Hooker was one of my teachers when I was at the American icaraguan School! I always liked him - I believe he taught in the Social Studies arena. MA, if you do indeed talk with him, would you ask him if he remembers Cathy Pfeiffer, and that I send my regards? I would have had him as a teacher around '68-'70 (yes, I'm old!)


You got it Cathy. I will be meeting up with him in a few days. I will send your hellos and fond memories.

and your not "that" old. hahaha


Ashtoreth! I've been offline for a few days, and just saw your post today! Would you also tell him that I'm in touch with Imogene Currin (who was another teacher - in music - while he was at ANS)? I think it's great that you will be in Nicaragua. I hope you have a great time! And, yeah, age is "all in the head", isn't it?

Really! what is he up to these days?

I have seen Ray Hooker many times on my plane going and comming from Bluefields. I don't really know what he is up to these days. It seemes like has taken a back seat in the political Arena. That reminds me abouth the subject of airport security. One day as I was entering the security checkpoint at the airport, I saw one of the security guard wanding him and asking him for his passport.

I stopped and watch the event with great curiosity. The security guard was insisting that he present his passport or he would not be allowed to enter the waiting room to catch the plane I was flying to Bluefields that morning.

He tried convincing the guard that he was a native born of Bluefields and an ex-diputado of the Asamblea Nacional, but the guard wouldn't buy his story. I became angry and told the guard how dare he insult an ex-sandinista leader and an ex-diputado from my hometown Bluefields. I told the guard that I, capitan Smith, vouch for this man who is a native of my home town.

Well, I can understand why he was harrased that day; a simple case of mistaken identity. The man looks like a gringo with his grey eyes and white skin.

A Hooker

I know an alejandro hooker, from THAT COLOMBIAN ISLAND that it used to belong to Nicaragua.

San Andres

Miskito Alan &#174

Many people living in San Andres are related to the "Creole" people of Corn Island, Bluefields, and the Atlantic Coast.

I have no knowledge and I do not think that Alejandro is an immediate part of the Hooker/Jackson family.


Miskito Alan &#174

Helping NGOs and internal Nicaraguan organizations.

Naw - Bull$hit - Not Chele Thing

Miskito Alan &#174

When "Atlantic Airline" was flying one day from CIS to MGA via Bluefields; the imigracon went on the plane and wanted to check Jorge Morgan's passport.

Jorge Morgan has been my business partner for 15 years and was born in Corn Island and is not a "Chele". Jorge Morgan owns the biggest seafood plants in CIS & Port and elsewhere and also owns a very large part of "Atlantic Airlines".

Go figure.

I don't believe that!

That sounds like u just made this one up. I guess I have to back my passport anytime I go flying!

Or Not

Miskito Alan &#174

You can believe or not and I don't care.

I never lie and thats the reason nobody bull$hits MA&#174.

I will call Ray Hooker in the morning and verify your story.

No ofense intended

It is not hard to believe how insensitive and discriminating our government is towards our leaders, professionals, and business leaders.

No need

I do believe you! It just goes to show how far we Coast people have come. However, you can still call Ray.

Ray Hooker?

Miskito Alan &#174

Ray Hooker has and will always be my great friend

Ray Hooker served as a noted educator in Somoza times.

Ray Hooker was a leader of the Sandinista revolt.

Ray Hooker was almost mortally wounded by USA "Contras" and I have seen the scars of the wound.

Ray Hooker stayed 2 days in the swamp-water before rescue.

Ray Hooker was a hero contra the "Contras".

Ray Hooker was a Sandinista diputado.

Ray Hooker has helped many NGO projects.

Ray Hooker - My Good Friend.

Tell Ray Hooker that Alan from Puerto Cabezas said hello.

I can't wait to meet him.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am truely looking forward to meeting him. My brother in-law, also speaks of Ray with high regard. It will be a priviledge to meet such a man.

Thank you again.

Alan... I will send Ray your "hello".

More Info

Miskito Alan &#174

I don't know if you are meeting Ray Hooker in MGA or Bluefields. Try to meet with some of these other people.

Ray Hooker is the brother of Miriam Hooker who is married to Francisco Campbell. Francisco is a "Sandinista" diputado in the PARLACEEM and both are my very good friends who have houses in MGA and Bluefields.

Miriam's aunt was Ms. Alva Hooker who was the greatest educator ever on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. The high school in Corn Island is named for her. Sadly, Ms. Alva passed away a few years ago.

Lumberto Campbell is Francisco's brother and a friend of mine. Lumberto was the Comandante (Presidente) of the Atlantic Coast in the Sandinista times and is still one of the top 5 people in FRENTE. Lumberto lives in MGA and Bluefields.

Dr. Henningston O'Mier is a practicing dentist and one of my very best friends. Dr. O'Mier served as Alcalde of Bluefields from 1990-1996.

Meeting Ray

I believe that Ray will be greeting us upon our arrival in MGA. I do not know what he has in store for us. But we are very excited to find out. I do hope to meet the people that you have mentioned. I do know that he is planning on taking us to some of the schools on the coast, beyond that... I guess I will just have to wait and see...