Last Miskito King

Last Miskito King

King Robert Henry Clarence and court 1893

1661 Mosquitian Nation established as a kingdom.

Feb 1668 De facto English protectorate.

16 Mar 1740 - 14 Jul 1786 British protectorate (under superintendent of British Honduras from 1749; British forces withdrawn Jun 1787).

29 Aug 1789 - 4 Sep 1800 Attempted Spanish settlements (at Río Tino [29 Aug 1787-4 Sep 1800]Cabo de Gracías a Dios [18 Aug 1788-1795], and Boca de Río San Juan 21 Oct 1789- ....]).

Jan 1848 San Juan del Norte ceded to Nicaragua.

Jun 1787 - 12 Sep 1861 De facto British protectorate.

12 Sep 1861 Kingdom transformed into Mosquito Reservation under Nicaraguan sovereignty.

6 Jul 1894 - 7 Aug 1894 U.S. occupation of Bluefields.

7 Aug 1894 Reservation abolished, with full incorporation into Nicaragua (ratified 28 Feb 1895).


1661 - 1677 Oldman I

1677 - 1686 Oldman II (d. 1686)

1686 - 1720 Jeremy I (b. c.1639 - d. 1720)

1720 - 1729 Jeremy II (d. 1729)

1729 - 1739 Peter

1739 - Jan 1755 Edward (b. af.1719 -d.1755)

1755 - 1776 George I Samuel Roderick Kandler (d. 1776)

1777 - Oct 1801 George II Augustus (d. 1801) (suspended Oct 1778 - Nov 1779)

Oct 1801 - 14 Nov 1815 Prince Stephen -King-regent

14 Nov 1815 - 9 Mar 1824 George III Frederick Augustus (b. 1798 - d. 1824)

9 Mar 1824 - Oct 1842 Robert Charles Frederick (d. 1842)

Oct 1842 - 4 May 1843 Archibald Alexander Macdonald (chairman Regency Commission)

4 May 1843 - 17 Apr 1845 Regency - Prince Wellington - Lowry Robinson - Johnson (to 1843)

17 Apr 1845 - 12 Sep 1861 George IV Augustus Frederick (b. 1832 - d. 1865)

Hereditary Chiefs

12 Sep 1861 - 27 Nov 1865 George IV Augustus Frederick (s.a.)

27 Nov 1865 - 23 May 1866 Henry Patterson (vice-president of the Council)

23 May 1866 - 5 May 1879 William Henry Clarence (b. 1856 - d. 1879)

5 May 1879 - 17 Jun 1879 Charles Patterson (1st time) (vice-president of the Council)

17 Jun 1879 - 8 Nov 1888 George V William Albert Hendy (d. 1888)

8 Nov 1888 - 8 Mar 1889 Charles Patterson (2nd time) (vice-president of the Council)

8 Mar 1889 - 11 Nov 1890 Jonathan Charles Frederick (d. 1890)

11 Nov 1890 - 30 Jan 1891 Charles Patterson (3rd time) (vice-president of the Council)

30 Jan 1891 - 7 Aug 1894 Robert Henry Clarence (b. 1873 - d. 1908)

Charimen of the State Council

1846 - 1848 Patrick Walker (d. 1848)

1848 - 1849 William Christie Vice-Presidents of the Executive Council

13 Sep 1861 - 1887. Henry Patterson -

7 Aug 1887 - 1894 Charles Patterson

British Superintendents

1749 - 1787 the Superintendents of British Honduras Spanish representative (de facto)

1787 - 1790 Robert Hodgson, Jr. (d. 1791)

Commandants - at Río Tino -

1787 - 17.. Gabriel de Hervías

c.1791 Tadeo Muniesa

c.1793 Antonio de Echeverría


1832 - 1842 William Hodgson

British Agents and Consuls-general

1844 - 1848 Patrick Walker (s.a.)

1848 - 1849 William Christie

1849 James Green (acting)

¹Full style of the ruler to 12 Sep 1861: "King of the Mosquito Nation."

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link 1700's British in Miskito

This link talks allot about 1700's British and the Miskito Coast. Its interesting giving some insight in to the history from a different perspective. It is written as a biography about a man named Vassa. It has a ton of foot-notes!

This is a pdf. 1700's Miskito British

Very interesting! #-d8-)

I'm Looking for info on Kukra railroad, Bluefields Steamship Company and Wawa commercial company. and the railroad at Ocotal

Speaking of railroads in Bluefields

There's that song "Bluefields Express" that at first listen seems to be about a train, but lines like, "She's got hot smoke comin' out of her chimney" could be interpreted figuratively about another subject.

another Miskitu link

This page seems to have a lot of info for Miskitu (its pdf acrobat) Nicaragua AtlanticPDF

this is a non acrobat; Nicaragua Atlantic

cheak'in hin out!!! #-d8->@

links Miskitu

this website has a bunch of links to maufat web pages at the bottom:

I'm looking for some info; anybody know were waunta is I can't find it on the map, (the "Wawa commercial co." had waunta as their address, they had a lumber railroad. any info would be appreciated.

It is spelled

WOUHNTA and it is located at "13 degrees 33 min north" on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne


Thank you Wayne for responding!

I am looking for any info on the Wawa Commercial Co.

AND any Railroad that operated in Miskitu! (or any part of Nicaragua)

The maps I find don't have longitude they just say in the area of Central America, they don't even show the names of the towns, for Miskitu they just show a big empty space with four squiggly lines.

Mupitara said that the names of places can have different spellings.

Then somebody keeps changing the names of the place for example;

Bragmans Bluff - Puerto Cabezas - Bilwi. I thought Bilwi was the original name of a whole region, not just the name of a town?

that makes it a lot more difficult!!!

I have been researching the Bragmans Bluff Lumber Co. Railroad for the past five months and I haven't been able to find any Railroad Info;

does someone have a map! (maybe around 1910s to 1965 showing some railroads in Miskitu)

Very interesting! May John Wayne live long and prosper! Na-Noo Na-Noo #-d8-)

Possibly Incorrect Info?

Blue Moskitu has records that show him to be the last one.

Miskito Alan has records that show him to be the last one.

I don't know what is correct or incorrect.

Please share

I want to learn more. Anythihg you have BM or MA please share them with me so I can share them with my people.


You Ask ...

I respond... Naskima Jhushia? Feel free to navigate Blue Miskitu inputs about the history of the Miskitus here in NL, we have a rich collection, also check Mupitara & MA Blogs.. Any new information, photos about our people are welcome....

Here some partial Miskitu past history in our NL Site

I Sabe Tuba..


Thanks for the great links

Thanks BM for these links you posted. You have given me so much now I can share them with others.