No Mas ?

No Mas ?

I see this. I have no idea what it is. I ask Ethel. She has no idea. Then we come to a group of angry looking farmers with machetes crossing the road. So, we now know new words in Spanish.

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Nice Picture Pete

Owesome background, wow, it looks like its on the Way to San Rafael,close to Jinotega,hell you can even see the tip of Lake Apanas on the Background, ohh and yes, there should have been a "Vado" next to that sign as well.



What's in your cigar today, other then tobacco? You must be thinking of that other guy on this site that stole my picture and changed it!


That was just my Opinion. then again I work with PSP , and I just happend to notice a not "So" clear shot of the sign, as compare to the rest of the picture, kind of like when you edit the Pic and once you edit a pic,specially with multi-layers and does not look the same, that's all.

No need to get upset man. it is just my HO.


Just take a look at this guy who stole my picture and doctored it up to look like something else. If you look at his picture, notice the sign isnt so "Clear" there! I mean the nerve! I bet after you take a look at this picture, you will rite this guy a private message and tell him to come clean! Even his story sounds like mine! Cheese, to think I was the one people blamed! Look how close the picture is and then tell me who stole who's picture!

See This

Just outside of Esteli. On the side of the road was an abandoned red truck. I'm really going to miss Ethel, it was a tough negotiation. It's prob better because she was starting to make threats. She said she was going to tell my wife about us. I still dont know who owned the abandoned truck.

Threating to tell the wife:

Threating to tell the wife: I hate it when they do that..


Miskito Alan &#174

That sign is located in front of my house in front of the airport in Puerto Cabezas.

I received a message

That the crazy chele north of Chinandega is running around putting these things up

I also understand that this is only meant for people who want to live there, not vacationing and spending their money

You also?

Wow, they are starting to sprout up all over the place.