Nicaraguense son vulgares

Muchas gente cree que los nicaraguense son las persona mas vulgares de toda la raza latina. La cultura de ellos es baja

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Please No Feeding The Trolls!


Pete, are you expecting beer?

Te digo...

Te digo simplamente que la persona que dice "la cultura de ellos es baja" tiene cultura baja también. La gente que no sigue las reglas de este sitio y pone su información en Español sin saber ni donde están también tiene cultura baja. Sólo porque dicen cosas como hijueputa que significan igualmente lo que dicen en Mexico con pendejo no les hace a este pueblo malo. Callate y aprenda ser alguien de cultura y aprenderás no apuntarles el dedo a los otros _porque_ sos de cultura alta. También te aseguro que la gente de cultura alta puede escribir que "Los Nicaraguenses son vulgares", no escribe "Los Nicaraguense son vulgares."

Quite simply, the person that says "they have no class" has no class as well. The people that don't follow the rules of this site and put information here in Spanish without knowing where they are also has no class. Just because they say things like sonofabitch that mean exactly what they say in Mexico when they say pubic hair does not make these people bad. Shut up and learn to be someone of high class and you'll learn not to your finger at others, _because_ you're of high class. Also, I assure you that people of high class can write "Nicaraguans are vulgar", and doesn't write "Nicaraguan are vulgar".

JAjajaja, Where part of

and put it into the Managua

and put it into the Managua Lake


Les apuesto cualquier cosa que este idiota es Tico, for real these Ticos mofo's are such fricking a$$ holes, what's their problem with us?? I wish my native country had better leaders so our people wouldn't have to suffer humilliations at the hands of the "central american master race" (or so they say!)

yo no creo que los

yo no creo que los nicaraguenses son vulgares, probablemente hay algunos,pero eso no quiere decir que todos nosotros somos vulgares, lo que yo he visto y he vivido, es que somos trabajadores,y nos gusta salir adelante,y proguesar en cualquier lugar del mundo, esa persona que dice que somos vulgares yo quisiera saber de donde es su nacionalidad,y otra mas probablemente nos tiene envidia, o esta dolido,a lomejor le quitaro la novia o el novio,(nica 100%)

Tico, nica

Him calling nicas cultura baja and you calling ticos assholes all comes from the same place. It's not right either way. Solo son ALGUNOS de los ticos que estén sufriendo ahorita porque están diciendo mierda como "Hagamos la patria, matemos un nica". Tranquilo, y les podemos hacer, a los que piensen asi, monstrar quienes son si nos quedamos tranquilo. :-) Perjuzgar el grupo completo es el mismo equivocación.


You're right, but then I am only human and my blood boils when I see these type of posts, I guess it's worst if I sink to his/her level.

Like all

kids, if they can not get positive attention they go for the negative.

I vote for a ban on this person due to age and IQ confusion.


LOL that's very funny, ahh humor can disarm any opponent after all I guess!

Last Statement

Miskito Alan &#174

fyl, John, I & many others here have Nicaraguan spouses.

Walter and many other NicaLiving members were born in Nicaragua.

Nobody is going to talk bull$hit on NL about any of us.



Miskito Alan &#174

Why are you on this website of NicaLiving.

Do you just want attention from someone?

Are you that much of a damn fool? (IQ not Needed).

Walter, Cathy, and John said all. I will add nothing more.

Some people "flame" for the attention & I think thats you.

And if you don't like my statement - KMBFA

Well said

Well said Alan, This guy will not get any response from me anymore.

Are you Walter


For God's sake! someone who is 46 years old and not smart enough to handle information about different cultures of the world,how can you post such statement without knowing the history and culture of the Nicaraguans can come with such a non-intelligent statement.Please do your research and then feel free to post something constructive instead of bashing a culture you have no idea of. by the way are you in Costa Rica or are you Costa Rican?

My friend, I am much more


If you want to sum up laplace equation: as a partial differential equation (PDE) a relation involving an unknown function of several independent variables and its partial derivatives with respect to those variables.And yes Im Nicaraguan and just by reading your reply I can tell your IQ, do your self a favor, dont post anything else on this site, I dont think your comments are appreciated.

What about or

Bueno, si vas a comentar,

por lo menos podrías usar gramática correcta. Eso es, claro, si lo sabes del todo. Las personas que yo considero vulgares son las que vienen y dicen tonterías sin razón. And for the rest of you, I said: Well, if you're going to say anything, you could at least use good grammar. That is, of course, if you know it at all. The people I consider vulgar are those who come and say foolish things without any reason.


Mr. Lukes one of 2 things.

You are Either 1: and Ignorant Costa Rican(which by the way are one of the most predominant Nicaraguan haters,not ALL but a good %tage) 2): You went to El Mercado Oriental and you rubbed a Pinolero the wrong way,maybe by trying to be a cheapstake and "al Pinolero se le salio el Indio" which means he curse you out.

You have to Remember(if you have any brain cell left) that anywhere in the world there is "Good and Bad", nevertheless, we can judge by the actions of one person (or a few in some cases) to determine or to judge a whole community or nation by such said actions.

Don't be a Nicaraguan hater, whoever the heck you are, We know who we are and that is all that matters.

Eh Dicho Jodido!!



Cigar man, you are really an indio from Nic

Luke I am an Indio!!

And proud of it man, an Indio Pinolero, who is Damn Proud of his Country, his People, his culture, and Most of all Proud of those who think highly of Nica, and have made Nica their new home.

Luke, Stay in Costa Rica, Nicaragua does not need,ignorant Bigots like Yourself, We are humble People(Indios) like you said, but at least we Don't think our Caca, does not stink, like yourself.

And No need to take a bleach shower, I am proud of what I am, and what I stand for, Unlike you who is having a hard time finding your own identity, "Queres mas masa Lorita" <==== an old Nica slang, meaning "You want some more, you parrot" eventough I am offending the poor parrot, lmao.


LOL Luke!!

So which one was it? number 1 or number 2? Te dolio huh? or the shoe fitted, now wear it like a man Luke, claro unless you are not a man, who knows, only you know .

Have a good day Lucas.

Gotta Love Nicaragua!!!!