Excursion to San Jeronimo Festival (Masaya) 27 Sept.-8 Oct.

"Way Down South" excursion shall be kind of informal, guided tours may be arranged with native FSLN guides.lodging in Masaya or Granada..here goes....lots of options... and you will have two travel pros myself and Mychelle to talk to..We speak English, Spanish, French and German. Plan your own itinerary or none at all..anything goes..Glenn Seavers is going to have a Beer Wagon in the festival and all proceeds go to the orphanage.... WAY DOWN SOUTH!


September 27-October 8 Masaya, Nicaragua Feast of San Jeronimo about a week of fairs, parades, songfests and partying with local guides from the FSLN (New Sandinista Front)time to visit nearby Colonial City of Granada on Lake Nicaragua with boat trips to Isla Omotope and other lake islands, a pure and unspoiled tropical paradise! Around Masaya are Lagoons, Volcanoes and mystical places of indingenous lore. There is a huge Arts and Crafts Market in Masaya, from Nicaragua if you wish you may head by land to the Costa Rican border of Peñas Blancas where our good friend Mychelle The "Tica Blanca" from cold cold Canada will be more than happy to be your host. Contact us in advance to plan your own itinerary, if flying into Managua from US/Canada/Europe or coming by International Bus Line from another country in Central America or Mexico, land arrangements and lodging (budget to moderate)will be made in advance.

INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS Contact Donald Lee "Central American Language Tours" http://www.centralamericalanguagetours.com E mail: donaldlee@thepolyglots.com English, Spanish, French or German for advice and trip planning, NO Credit Cards accepted on our website(except locally in the Hotels), pay as you go, the natives will be your escorts and drivers. All travellers will base a the Hotel Maderas Inn in Masaya (from $5US per person in dorm to $40US Double with a/c and Cable TV)

More information on Masaya, Nicaragua from the US and on local volunteer projects E mail Glenn Seavers, Athens GA USA glenn_seavers@yahoo.com Glenn is a long time "good samaritan" and will be one your hosts at the Festival in Masaya.

For more information regarding the Playas del Coco, Costa Rica region (near the Nicaraguan border)with prices of lodgings and tours E mail: Mychelle mycky2001coco@yahoo.ca in English or French. Trimaran Cruises and Jungle/Canopy Tours, Volcano Climbing, etc.

Donald T. Lee Central America Language Tours San Salvador, El Salvador Antigua, Guatemala Masaya, Nicaragua Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, C.R. E mail: donaldlee@thepolyglots.com

any other questions on traveling to or residing in Central America feel free to ask.