Can someone answer the following questions?

Costs 150cc to 250cc 4 stroke.

Used any brand?

New low end probably Chinese or Indian, they go for 600 to 1100USD in the states.

Insurance costs/requirements.

Rules and laws without Action Certificates?

Do they have different levels of licensure. ie:

some countries don't require a license less than 125cc. Over or under rules.

Does anyone rent motorcycles in Nicaragua. Cars used to be cheap then the rental agencies started charging me 10.00/day for "mandatory insurance". almost doubling the cost. Plus taking a Yaris on back roads is probably not a smart move.


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I bought a 125 cc Genesis...I think it´s chinese, but very well built for $1000. IVA incluido.

Bought it from Casa Pellas with 2 free maintenance checks. SO far it is great, bought it in February. Insurance is around $80 us with personal injury protection and it was easy to get it set up . Just went for inspection with the papers and they gave me the plate and registration

License info

It is at Insurance just means going to any agent with plate number, your license and passport and paying. As I remember, it is $55/year for a bike.

More info and a link to the traffic law doc is at The HowTos are at and one of them is about buying a car. Same rules, minus the emission test, apply to motorcycles.

1987 Honda XR-250 Bestia

i have for sale in the Rivas area, an insanely fun Honda Motorcycle with new size 10.5 boots and L helmet and M gloves. it has a brand new carb and timing chain and motoX tires and several spare tubes of Taiwainese not Vietnamese origin, big difference believe me. let's start the bidding at $1500. tons of fun, but i am a quad now, so i'll have to depart with her. oldy but goody, believe me. and in Nica, there is nothing that is not worth repairing, and plenty of miracle mechanics to help.


Bike 4 sale-cheap

In about 17 months I'll have a '05 1450cc HD Dyna Custom I'll let go for the incredibly low price of $18,000. That's a NL bargain basement price, must be a member to qualify. (Lots of fine print at the bottom, too)

Change of Name?

EBay/NicaLiving must be the new name of this website.

Miskito Alan &#174

New Low End

You are correct, new low end is Indian or Chinese. To get a higher quality bike you would need to buy a Suzuki (still Japanese, as of late 2004 anyway), and you should expect to pay 35-55% more, give or take. For the cheapest bikes, 4-stroke is not common. From what I saw prices did not fluctuate much if at all between larger cities, which means you have an interest in buying locally and getting on a first-name basis with the rep/seller, which might have long term benefits anyway. I am in Honduras, and for whatever insane reason, my bike is financed by Suzuki and I cannot imagine why they did this. I could leave tomorrow or stop paying or flee to Costa Rica or whatever, and there is nothing they could do, really. I am on a more or less interest free set-up, for 18 months, paid on my credit card based in Ohio. I actually stop at the dealer monthly and they manually run the card. I like the place because the salepeople ride, and the mechanics ride suzuki bikes to work, and they not only gets parts for anything, but give me info on used bikes which friends are looking for. It depends what you want, really. There is nothing inherently bad about Chinese bikes, and some of the Indian makers are now making pretty decent bikes, but I bought the bike I did partly as I know how to repair it, and have a good supply of parts via the seller.


I looked last year for a new bike. Just curious of prices.

The prices I was getting quoted on for New bikes were about $100-$600 more than the US.

The 150cc bikes I looked at, just because that was what they had on display just about everywhere, were selling for about 1200-1350 dollars.

...And you can buy one of those Taxi motorcycles for $1500.

taxi bikes

Josh, do you know the specs(speed/engine size) on these taxi bikes. PM me if you need anything from the states. thanks

I think

they were 150cc. I will ask my wife or a friend to pass by the dealer and ask some more details for you, we live about 7 blocks from there.

The thing is many of these companies carry plenty of the cheapest bikes you can possibly buy, due to the typical income of the people buying the bikes. but most of the time you can order a larger engine so if you see something you are looking for take that info with you.

Don't worry about sending me anything from the states, I am back and forth in the states and Nicaragua. squeezing in about half the year in Nicaragua. 4 long months during mid june-october and several weeks scattered in the rest of the year


How hard is it to register, get plate insurance? Were you able to find anything new about prices and or capabilities. Must be nice to have that much flexibility job wise. Best thing I get is 5 weeks of vacation! Many thanks!


I havent bought a bike in Nicaragua yet, still thinking about it.

and sorry It slipped my mind and I forgot to ask about the price.

Well, If it wasnt for trying to finish up with my degree I would be down there full time. the plan is to be there full time in 3 years.


those 3 wheeled Demond's of the road!

I dont know what brand it was, but they sell them in front of Huembes Mercado in Managua

is there a Piaggio dealer in Nicaragua?

is there a Piaggio dealer in Nicaragua? We have a Mercedes Smart but, the Piaggio variation is very nice.

Used Bikes

In general there are not many really good used bikes available. Or put a better way the best used bikes will cost just a little less than a new one and the less good used bikes are often to beat that they are not worth buying. There are exceptions but you might spend a lot of time finding one then even more time negotiating a price. If you insist on a 4-stroke motor you might limit your options greatly since I think the cheapest bikes are usually 2-stroke but I say that based on the volume of the engine and associated smoke and smell. Every person I know who started looking for a used bike ended up buying a new one, for what that is worth but it is at least 6 people. This link is really a moped one with some moto stuff tossed in which might interest you: