snake and spiders

umm i might sound wimpy on this one, but are there alot of snakes in the towns and are there alot of poisonous bites.


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Depends on where you are

In Managua, near Vera Cruz, we had lots of tarantulas. Took me weeks to stop hitting the ceiling every time I saw one. I did see Roger jump once, so that made me feel much better. Saw one snake, maybe 4 feet long in two years of living there.

Haven't seen spider one here in Jinotepe, no snakes either.

Don't Forget...

When you saw and ate the Snake on your plate at that restaurant. :)

Aw! - Don't Think So

I don't think Roger jumped from the critter; but, I think that he jumped when you jumped in his lap.

40 What?

Miskito Alan &#174

Corals in Esteli

There is an article in El Nuevo Diario today 10 June 2006, 2 Coral snakes came into an Esteli Classroom and freaked out the Students and teachers.

Seems as though the Male and Female Snakes were trying to find a "1 hour motel room"

El Nuevo Diario Article


Seen alot of them on the atlantic coast they like to come inside the old wood and zinc houses during the rainy season.Had one crawl across my chest when I was sleeping not a good feeling,after that I always slept under a barr[misquito net].They love to hang out in the out houses also, real leary about going into one at night.These are big black hairy spiders everyone of them I saw was full grown.Never saw any poionous snakes

re: Tarantulas

ewwwwwwwwwwwwww...I saw a few down in Florida as well. OMG, I loath these things. I sure hope they have exterminators at Rancho Santana. I've heard about people at RS getting stung by Scorpians but they tell me they are not poisonous....still not looking forward to this...LOL

The owners of the Grocery store at RS told me there is a huge boa out front of the store. They once pulled the critter out and measured was totally harmless, it just slithered back into it's hole and went back to

Knew an americano...

who got stung by a scorpion while working on a roof in Leon. He seriuosly hoped it wasn't a dangerous species. He lucked out and had no problem except localized pain.

Rule in Arizona about snakes is to wear boots and pay attention to where you put your hands and feet. Should work in C.A. The only venomous lizards in the world are here in the desert of US/Mexico. 3 of the 4 fatalities in the American history of Arizona were alcohol related!

All minor wildlife bites carry infection risks and should be treated with disinfectants available at any farmacy or supermarket. Mammal bites (which exclude snakes, lizards, and spiders)carry rabies risk which is a much more serious matter.

Cheer up, snakes eat rats, and some lizards eat mosquitos!

Big risk to your health in C. A. is car wrecks and the skimpy medical treatment available.


the other lizzards

Im not sure what they are called, but they look like those getgo Lizzards just in really dark colors.

My daughter got bit by one these guys. the bite puffed up kind of like a large misquito bite. They said it wasnt real poisonous, remmedy for this was same as all others some fresh lemmon rubbed on that area


Tumble Weeds, Snakes, Dust Devils ... Gun Smoke ... Did anyone tell you about the Gun Fights that happen in most towns at noon?

snakes everywhere

hey, don't know were you live but in matagalpa(were am from)is in the middle of the mountains, lots of snakes make it to the city(coral, bushmaster, cascabel, boa). thats a small price to pay for living in a tropical paradise. In 2004 while visiting nicaragua, I went to my grandmas house in barrio palo alto, I found on the living room a spider(or the mother of all spiders) my sister called it a pica caballo(the one that bites horses)brown ugly thing. I have never seen a spider that big, that thing was the size of my fist. so I will say there is lots of little reptiles that make it to the city.

Spiders, Snakes and Reptiles OH MY!

Egads, speaking of spiders you should see the big black hairy ones down in Florida. They inhabit dark and vacant places which includes crawling in via a/c vents and hanging out in Condo's that aren't occupied. Saw one on our bathroom tub one night and freaked out big time. As for Nicaragua, while I was staying at Rancho Santana I was told there were scorpians but they weren't poisonous. They sing like hell but the pain goes away much quicker then a bee sting. I was also told about a large boa that hangs out a few hundred feet from the food store. It was harmless and never bothered anyone or so I was told.

I'd be interested in knowing where the crocks, gators and camans hang out? Anyone know?

I'm not an ocean person in the way of swimming, give me a beach but not the water except to look at. Anyone heard about shark attacks down there? Where their are surfers they has to be sharks????


Ther are crocks in Lago Nicaragua and around an Island in Salinas grande. Also Bull sharks in Lake Nicaragua. I know the fishermen would like to find more sharks on the pacific side for their fins, but seem to have a hard time finding them. Sorry, that is all I know.

Yeah we have Corals

in this storm water revene behind out house in Managua, one snuck into the house during construction, uggg.


I have only seen 3 other snakes in Nicaragua, One was on a trail at mombacho, don't know what kind it was. Another in a Platino tree. and of course this bikini clad girl had one of those big yellow corn snakes wrapped around her at Santo Domingo in Managua :)

ha ha they are ok if some

ha ha they are ok if some hot girl has one. i watch alot of discovery channel (probaly not good if i am scared of snakes) i live in LA we have rattlers and blk widows. i just hope that in the new developments that the snakes etc like the new houses they are building thanks

No Snakes in Ireland

Go figure ? Anyone know why - I don't !