For some reason my computer wouldn't let me add a comment to the ongoing discussion so I began a new one. Shipping container housing is pretty big news lately and some of the 'houses' are nice, like the 5-unit QUIK HOUSE at

And it's an economical way to start like Mary Ann and Bob did when they began their adventure. See their 'office' in 1997 (and use that url as a starting point for the rest of the story):

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What am I missing?

The above-linked "Quik House" starts at (evil) US$76,000 + shipping? To live in an old rusting box?? WTF??

I know of a really nice house in a nice barrio in Boaco you can have for half that and no shipping costs involved!


Size, is what you are missing. This is a "art house" of 5 or more containers, presumably none of which are a rusted box, all "configured" and "whatever" by some design consultant. I am not recommending this, but do know you can get 5 non-rusty containers for a heck of a heck of a lot less than 76k...

1. paint it white (put stucco on first),

2. put a clay tile roof on it,

3. stock with fdc (enough to keep Miskito Alan happy); and

Voila! you are there! in my mind, i am already there!

house in a box

tried contacting for price info. Texas area code. Only got an answering machine. looks nice.

More links

Do you have any more links. I had never seen the Beach Shack site before. I am already adding it to my site.

Brett Rilling


shipconner, None so applicable for building in the tropics or so exhaustive...and if you have a question while going thru the Beach Shack site Mary Ann has always been quickly responsive! But you might enjoy these simply for the 'how to':


I love the picture of the cargo ship on the beach, I would love to make a house out of that whole ship and cargo containers!