People living in Granada

I would like to hear from people that have moved to Granada and see how they adjusted to the move. I am helping my parents get set up. We are looking for contractors, internet providers for the home( which I already asked about and you guys are great in responding). Plus, they are hoping to ship some furniture either from Miami or San Francisco? Whichever is cheaper. Also they are looking to buy a small car. If anyone could help me with this, I would like to hear from you. Thank you.

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New to Granada too..

I have no words of wisdom. Myself a newbie. (aside..silly and jokong comments:..Just ignore the "Sly Fly" comments about Granada...he is privaledged and SPOILED !!! Has a "command" of Spanish (with help of his WIFE Ana!!)..Blah Blah...but neener neener...if he had been in Africa..i would have made fun of him living anywhere near a convenient there ! ) Serious now...I am new too. decided not to haul or ship anything except things I truly want as " etc). Too expensive really. And..from what i experienced..everything made in Nicaragua was ..well..OK..and...that is part of the whole move. Plus...networkng...furnishing etc.... you make friends. I think seling off even in a yard sale...most major economically wise. $10. here's worth it. Things some people who relocated told me...if you want certain "linens"....pack you suitcase...fussy means expensive.. Really special things you can't live make your own special pasta and that is essential..bring your machine. After experiencng life overseas as a youth in a family (for 17 years) years ago and recently in Granada...I looked at some things I had and said...why ? Too much fluff...But I understand how hard it is to just up and go. I would like to be able to afford a "small" shipment ( not economical at all) of my sentimental "stuff"...but I would never buy new furniture here and ship it. Nor basic appliances. I'd rather subsidize $ to someones fare...bring me suitcases of my "old" stuff than ship containers due to customs etc. Hey...get your parents directly involved on this site ! Willow..will be in Granada soon...oh not soon enough !! April.. I think it is going to be fun and beneficial to all to gradually add to my household locally.


Willow i was shopping around to transport a 40' container from LA to Cortino the best quote i've recieved is 2580$ form Allison shipping found online. if it helps cool

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I live in Granada

I live in Granada and have bought a lot of Furniture here and Know a few people who want to sell there cars as my neighbor is one he also wants to sell his house. Buying furniture here is easy and it is just great, so if you want your parents to contact me send me a private message and of course no charge for my help.

Isn't Granada in the USA?

Ok, just what I have heard. Never been there but it just sounds like a suburb of the US or something.

Anyway, it is absurd to consider buying furniture from the US and shipping it. Go to Masaya. Or, better yet, just start talking to people. Getting stuff made out of wood, steel, glass and fabric is easy and cheap here. In fact, anything that is labor intensive is just better done here.

I have bookcases, wardrobes (not happy with them but I am not the one that contracted for them and the person who did tried to save $), livingroom set, huge dining table and a lot more. Most made of laurel--because that is what I asked for. I also have a huge desk, L-shaped, 2.5 meters on a side with seven drawers and a keyboard drawer.

As for container shipping, $3k for a 20 foot and $5k for a 40 foot sounds totally realistic. There will be duty here plus some fees to get it from the port to Managua. Those fees will be minimal as, again, labor is cheap.

Nothing magic about cars here. Expect used car salesmen to be just like used car salesmen anywhere. They lie. My recommendations are:

  • Find a good mechanic. Have your parents ask their lawyer, their neighbors, where they shop and eat, ...
  • Look in the papers for a car and if it makes sense, pay the mechanic to check it over
  • Unless there is some other good reason, buy a Toyota. There are just so many more here that it is always easier to get parts.

A generic comment. Nicaragua is a word of mouth place. If your parents live here, they are in the best position to shop for all this stuff. People here are eager to sell/deal. If they tell their neighbor they want someone to make a sofa for them, the response is likely to be "my cousin's boyrfiend's uncle makes sofas" or somthing like that.

Finally, a warning. Don't go to El Gallo mas Gallo, La Curacao, ... Yup, they sell crap. Imported crap. Find a local to do the work.

Granada is in Nicaragua.

Granada is in Nicaragua. Anyways, thank you the advise.

People Living in Granada

First off, depending on the age of your parents, they might be eligible for resident pensioner or resident financier status under Decreee #628. That will save them a bundle on importing household goods and a car. You didn't mention where your parents are moving from. I live in the bay area and am shipping my stuff from Oakland.

My parents are already in

My parents are already in Nicaragua. Now, they were thinking about purchasing some furniture in Miami since they went to Managua and the furniture wasn't that great compare to furniture stores in the bay area. They will be coming back to San Francisco in July. They were researching some companies before they left and the most affordable one was around $10,000. Which was not affordable for them.

Furniture - try Simplemente Madera

For Nica made furniture, try Simplemente Madera. Their stuff is great and many people have it shipped to the US and Europe. They are located in Los Robles in Managua. You can also have stuff custom-made. The prices may be slightly more than the stuff in Masatepe, but the quality is right on and the look is designer. They are so popular that alot of times most of everything in the store is sold.

Miami-Managua shipments

An experienced and knowledgable (Nicaraguan by birth) shipping agent located in Miami: La Nica Travel & Cargo 116 SW 27th Avenue Tel: 305-541-8921. Owners: Danilo & Veronica Solis.

$10,000 for what?

The shipping company I am using told me it would be about $5000 for a 40' container (about $3000 for a 20'). That doesn't include what I will have to pay on the Nicaragua end. I am waiting to get that number now from the company I am using there.

The company that other

The company that other people told me to stay away is Transglobal. Something like that. First they quote you a very low price but the thing is that is only the price for the mortgage broker. This company doesn't have a license for over sea shipping. If you look them up on the better business bureau, it should tell you.