Meeting chicas

I am a single guy and love Latin women. Is it easy to meet Nicaraguan women? If so, where are the best places to meet them. I am not referring to sex tourism.

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- Pete

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Wow, you make it as if I crapped on the U.S. flag

The country on a whole is great, I just cannot concur that the women are one of its strengths. 2/3 of the women my age have already destroyed their bodies by popping out kids, that on top of a culture that does not embrace too much exercise (yes, the U.S. is guilty too). I can't help but notice that Costa Rica and Southward have women with more European facial features and figure, which hey, media gave me my preferences in women starting at a young age. Funny, because even Nicaraguan T.V. Channels select rather South American looking women (slightly paler, no gut) for all of the roles, ads, etc.

The real reason to go to Nicaragua is cheap beautiful land (I am sure William Walker noticed). It is like on HBO's Band of Brothers when they raid Hitler's Eagles Nest in the Austrian Alps (No gold elevator though). IF, the political climate stabilizes (a.k.a. crazy nationalizing Sandanistas are put in their place via elections or lions left over from Samoza's basement), buyers will not demand such a risk premium (discount), and prices will sky rocket. The current economics conditions look good for taking short positions on their currency as well, too bad I can't find it on an exchange. The prosperity that DR-CAFTA will bring won't hurt either.

Hammer: Are You Just Stupid and/or Ignorant

My Last Reply to Hammer Troll.

#1 - Take your Nica plane fare money & Check a "head doctor".

#2 - You degrade Nica women.

#3 - You degrade Nica Cordoba Dollar.

#4 - Why do you even bother posting your stupidity?

#5 - You know nothing about Nicaragua.

About two more posts like this one and "Hammer Idiot" is gone from this website with a complaint to your ISP provider.

I am running no joke. Done!

Miskito Alan &#174

How do you really feel, Alan?

At least he didn't spell Ortega with a W. Then you'd have really gotten upset.

No one agrees with Hammerhead. Others have made similarly degrading comments, and eventually went away when they figured out their attitude wasn't appreciated.

You & I & "fyl"

All of us have Nicaraguan born wives.

Many people that are NL members have Nicaraguan born wives.

Many Nicaraguan born women are members of this website.

Enough is Enough.

I will not stand for that kind of stupidity.

Miskito Alan &#174


Los Angeles is the place you ahould check out.

South America

If I was a profesional skirt chaser (when I was?) I would go to Venezuela. The women are as attractive as the Colombians but the country is much safer to function in.


Why Nica women seriously. Drop the extra few on the plane ticket and go to South America.

"Ham"- Let Me Put Call a Spade a Spade

Only four people at this time are allowed to put stupid and crazy posts on NL and that is me and my "Tres Amigos" which are composed of Pete, John, & LFJW.

We must take a vote amongst the four of us and you must have one aye vote to continue posting these stupid posts.

At the present time, I have my doubts of any aye vote for you; but, I will present to the other 3 crazy people at the next opportunity which may not be very soon.

Best regards and please just post sensible things until you from us.

Miskito Alan &#174

A few thoughts for the hammer...

1. If this is the kind of woman he's attracting maybe he isn't such a "pretty man" either, both inside and outside.

2. I know I'm not one of the "Amigos" but if I were, a nay vote would be submitted.

3. I just heard somewhere that the hottest women in the world are in Iran & Noth Korea. They are looking for men carrying a huge American flag yelling about how much they hate Iran & N. Korea, of course depending on which country you choose to visit. GO SOON!

2nd "Nay" Vote

...even though it doesn't count. This guy's a poster child for the objectification of women.'re wrong!!! The hottest women right now are in South Lebanon...:)! He has a valid point though. As a 24 yr. old philanthropist, he is probably soooo much more sophisticated, selective, & effite than all the rest of us. He needs to take his spoiled self elsewhere where he's really appreciated for his special magnificence. Me...I'm just a plain 'ole guy who appreciates the teeth unbrushed, legs unshaven, gallo pinto eatin', family oriented Nica female Miss Nicaragua. she ugly!

You're right

I think we hit the top 3.

NOT Argentina or Brazil

Victoria Secret models come from South America and NOT Nicaragua for a reason.

Few observations:

They need to brush their teeth. They look like they are wearing grillz like all of those krunk rappers, because of all of their dental work.

They need to shave their legs. Not to dificult. Latin men are supposed to have clean shaved faces, but the women can be hairier than Robin Williams...go figure.

They need to lay off all of the gallo pinto and other fried foods...seriously

Sadly, DNA is not on their side as the vast majority have a "panza" aka nasty masculine beer gut and some have rather neandertholish facial features.

Estilí has some good looking women ( lots of 6-8s on a scale of 1-10) Juigalpa is a bit behind. Managua is a little further behind in terms of natural talent, but a step up in hygeine. Masaya...oh the humanity...

Another thing that is bad is that you don't just date her, you date the family. It is funny here because you can't put it in a muchacha the same night (exception here is some Managuan women), yet everybody has like 5 significant others. So instant fornication is wrong, but cheating and creating heartache is a cultural norm...go figure.

That is not to say that their are not any attractive women here, it is just that isn't that incredible (Maybe the Atlantic Coast is better, but I have never been there). There are waaay waaay better places to pick up women in the world (your average sorority house has more hot women than the average discoteca here). On the other hand, I am somewhat young and not in the old expat looking for a mail order bride stage in life.

On the positive, the land is like no other.

Oh my goodness....

what a shining example of WHO NOT TO LOOK FOR! As Pete said, please spend your extra dollars on a plane ticket to South America, or to hell, for all I care! You don't even have the decency to post your name just so you can come in here and bash - what's up with that? C'mon - show your face!


X is a 24 year old philanthropist. What more could you want to know? That says it all!


Givem hell! Heck, all one has to do is see your cute picture to know he's wrong :-)


thanks, Pete :-)!! And I AM a Nica chic, daggone it!!


this is an aweful daring/rude statement when we have Nica chicas right here on Nica Living, that i know are NOT ugly, nor have bad hygeine. you must just be very unlucky to have never met these truely, gorgeous Nica women that i have. the guys arent all that bad lookin either.

You guys have a lot of nerve...

En Cristo, -Marissa

Didn't You know

/Sarcasim * Before Nicaraguan woman get married they go to a veterinarian to have their teeth checked? They might even stop you next time at customs to check yours. Like older automobiles their not letting any teeth that look over 20 years old into the country anymore without a import tax. * /Sarcasm Is this new a new picture of you or was the old one your's?


I think you should investigate moving to South America. What would those S.A. women do with Gods gift to them being wasted in Nicaragua. Oh, and thanks for making me laugh, this was a pretty funny post.

Ugly Nicas?

He's been hanging around too many Sandinista rallies. [/sarcasm]

Sandanista Hottie

I always thought this breast feeding, gun toteing Sandanista was kind of cute.

Gun Toting, Breast Feeding, Sandanista Chick

I posted my method here . . .

and had success (in the sense that I'm VERY happily married now) but that might not be your goal hehehe.

My main tip: Respect is crucial.

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

You are not a Panda bear in

You are not a Panda bear in captivity needing help to mate, I would not use any dating services to meet women, specially in Nic. You don't need to go to Nic. for that..

What you need in Nic. is enough time. Meeting women in general will not be a problem. Go down, shop around a lot, have fun and more importantly, once you find someone you like, take your time to get to know the person, the family, friends. You may not consider these things to be important but that would be my advice. I've known of quite a few gringos that end up marrying their maids. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you want but do take your time to get to know the person. You will find that a single gringo will have so many options in Nic. but then again, you don't need someone to be interested in you just for a green card...time is the key..

,,,/ {' ;'} If I was in your shoes...

I be Kind and nicely ask some fellows members here in “NL” that have "The Nica-Paradise-Female Black Book" but I have to Plead the 5th under the conditions that I will not tell,. However, travel to Nicaragua, CA., any place you wish and you will find that you do not need any paying services for finding nice, caring, loving, lady in Nicaragua, or Central America. I have to agree with The Miami, Florida advice. Can you Dance... Salsa? Merengue? Socca? Calypso? Tango? If your answer is NO...Then you need to learn it ASAP :) and my second advice is: If you like going to beach you may want to wear a thong that should get some attention, but hey is only my opinion, that does not mean you should do it. Good Luck.. J

Get to work on it

Hi Peter, You have a TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY to meet quality Nica women using a different path. There are several agencies (search for them on the web) that try to match up relationship mineded Nicaraguan women with American men.

Typically you will receive a list of women with photos and bio info (these are usually updated every few months)who are interested in meeting North American will have the ability to send them letters (and them to you) and once you establish mutual interest usually by exchanging several letters, correspondance and telephone can go to Nicaragua and meet persoanlly with these educated and great gals and see where the realtionship takes you...might take you two to the alter someday(?)(happens all the time!)

The woman are usually better educated and answer ads in major newspapers for a correspondence "club" that will allow them the ability to casually corresponde with intereseted Men from different countries. Many are seeking a different kind of man then macho and unfaithfull locals (cultural perception?).

A may decide to correspond with several potentcial gals and then over time you will be able to determine who is a better match to your interest.(maybee you like scorpio women with an interest in art as decide who to correspond with)

The formal structure of this proccess and the magic of time and sincere effort has a way of allowing you to develop some realtionship before your arrive so that when you do arrive you will find a gal (or several) that feels comfortable,positive and receptive to your relationship waiting for you.

The reason I mention to keep corresponding with several (possibly) is because that when you meet in person you may find that the Gal who you thought was #1 turns out to be different than you thought and that Gal #3 turns out to be the best of all...hedge your bets ..keep your options a matter of fact you could date gals in different cites and they will be waiting for you where ever you go..if you plan and work your corresopondence.

Oh sure may just get lucky and meet a great Nica Gal by just hopeing to "bump into" her by accident..the fact is that many of the quality gals just dont "hang out" in Bars or discos..and many for cultural reasons are unlikely to just invite a total stranger they meet on the street into thier lives.

Dont take the militant feminist BS..these are great Gals! dating is big now among women..your doing the same thing..just with woman in some case who dosnt have expensive internet you write photos..and telephone..

You know when you understand the limited time you have to travel and the to have then lined up and waiting for you..then just hoping to get lucky...

I am certain this post will raise the rath of the politicaly correct "frankly Scarlet..I dont give a dam!"

Good hunting!

If you need any guidance send me a private e mail

Oy..have I got a girl for you ! need a match maker maybe ? Only joking...just be aware...matchmaking can be a lucrative business in any country. Best bet is as anywhere...hang out/work/volunteer/network etc where your interests are most strong and you are most likely to meet "people" (not just opposite sex... same sex buddies can introduce you..sisters, cousins,friends)with whom you have common interests etc. You love dancing...go like nature, art, music.., interested in church ? Whatever.I just love this story so much !! A young friend here met the love of his life from Guatamala (sweet and beautiful) through local church here in states. He didn't even have to go "seeking" ! Married, little boy and all is wonderful (except it is to darn cold here ...they are happy..but...are going to be visiting me just for a tropical warm up). And....if you want "family" have it with the wonderful Latino culture unless you find someone totally alone. My friends have extended family.....he was amazed (he had very small...not close family here in has a new famiy"' member about every six months visiting.being sponsored etc. It is a great thing. You may be drawn to more than just "latino women". A whole lifestyle that you like,want and will be more comfortable with than what you have now. Follow your heart.

try first in

try first in miami......dude....and be careful if you come to nicaragua. they have started to castrate sex tourists there. jajajajajajaja

American, Canadian, European Women in Nicaragua

I am coming to visit Nicaragua for a month long fact finding mission in march to see about moving down. I am not a pervert, but I am a single guy who wishes he had a signifigent other. I am a sucker for Nica women, well... brown eyed brunettes in general. But I always get along better with gringa women. It's the cultural commonalities and lack of families that I like. It seems most of the posters here are men. Are there gringa gals around Nicaragua? Do gringa women every marry local men? Will the local mujeres win me away from the gringas? I am an old coot of 52...My last gal pal here in the states was 37 and that was a problem.

Rule of Thumb

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

The "rule of thumb" in Latin America is that the woman should be at least 20 years younger than you. Don't mess this up - You might destroy the whole system. Check "Miskito Alan", "John Wayne", and "fyl" for references on the subject.

That was your problem in the USA (America) - At 37, the woman was too old for you. In Nicaragua, no "Vitamin V" is sold - If we have a problem - we just look a younger woman.

Vice-Versa: Same for "Gringas" looking Nicaraguan lads.

i will not upset the apple cart

I will do my best to be attracted to women in thier thirties. A huge personal sacrifice ;-)

Who knows ...

I didn't come here looking for women and after two years in Costa Rica I was sure that the right woman for me would be a Gringa. Well, I seem to have ended up married to a Nica gal less than half my age.

When I first met her I found her interesting. That is, she was "not like the others". She knew more about the world and even had a distorted sense of humor. I remember thinking that I should try to find a guy for her.

Well, her story is that she doesn't like Gringos and knew there wasn't the slightest chance we would get together. So, neither of us tried. But, eventually, we realized we sorta liked each other for no apparent reason.

So, my suggestion is that you just do what makes sense and see what happens. There are a lot more women here than men so something will probably "just happen".

"There are a lot more women

"There are a lot more women here than men so something will probably" "just happen".

I hope so, last time I waited for something to happen i was single for ten years?!

One approach

1. learn the language, learn the culture. This takes time. 2. avoid binge drinking and prostitution. 3. dress a tad neater than you would in the states. 4. don't be surprized if you are surrounded by charming women (Nica women who aren't flakey won't go out with a strange man without bringing along a couple friends for protection: Ha, Ha, "water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink!"). 5. Nicas come in families, don't be surprized if you feel like you are being intervieved by a committee.

si, me puedo hablar espanol

I am pretty polite and even some what reseved. I am not a big party guy, no hawaian shirts and hookers for me please. And I have all new warm weather clothing. Living in Seattle, there isn't much need for short sleeved shirts and sandals.

Steve Will Fit

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

When one goes to the "food courts" in the malls or into restaurants at mid-day; all businessmen will be wearing long-sleeve shirts even though the outside temperature is over 100 degrees.

You will fit right in with the crowd.

dress for success

It's probably too hot for Levis, shorts aren't appropriate and those khaki cargo pants look like belong in an old safari movie. I will be burning most of my suits and ties at a farewell ceremony soon. I'll spare the all black Blues Brothers suit and bring it down to wear to weddings and funerals...


I hate to say I have been to 3 funerals in Nicaragua.

If you haven't been to one yet, it is an interesting time, and everyone seems to wear levis so dont worry about the suit for the funerals.

The bodies are brought to the house for 1 day prior to the funeral. They are put in these small caskets with a glass window where the face is. The Nose, mouth, and ears are stuffed with gause.

Everyone is cooking and eating and drinking all day and night long. The guys end up passed out from drinking scattered about the property and house.

a rule of thumb is the poorer the family the more people there are at the funeral.

the following day the coffin is either carried in a procession to the graveyard or put in a pickup truck and sometimes horse drawn carriage with the procession behind.

I have also encountered a superstition at 1 of the funerals.

There was a bow tied in the window and on the door of the house, signifying that someone had passed away and their body was in the home. Supposedly if you are a woman and you are pregnant or its your time of the month, or anyone with an open wound, should stay away from the home, for fear the spirit could enter the body. I was fortunately not pregnant at the time so I can't tell you how true this superstition is

three funerals and no weddings

how long have you been there?

About 4 years

but I have been to my own wedding there, I wore a pair of shorts and sneakers with one of those cuban smoking shirts. Real Classy! Then we went out for Tequilla and tacos at a Mexican Restaraunt. You can ask Webtrainer about that he was one of the attendees.

No my wife and I will be having our shurch wedding in August, God only knows what I will need to wear for that one.

Don't Worry - Be Happy

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

Just have the church wedding at "WT's" house and tell the preacher where to find you and your wife and the house.

Wear what you want - Thats what I did - The preacher came to the house.

Good Enuff!

But - If a "Catholic" situation - Maybe different - I don't know.

Yeah Catholic Wedding

hmmmm. what to wear. + a nice gold cross

Catholic Wedding

How casual was your first wedding? From here I would have thought most Nica's are conservative as well as marriage minded. I've never walked down the aisle, is it possible to live in sin with a catolica woman? Long term commited relationship for sure, but a ring? I have less than two weeks left in my current job at a big box jewelry store. I can get gold crosses for cheap.

it was my first hald of a wedding

That was the civil part, the next half of it is the Church part.

Catholic and catholic

Most Nicaraguans call themself Catholic. Most don't go to church. I would call few conservative. If you read about Liberation Theology you will probably get the idea. That is, there is "what the church structure wants" and what works here.

That said, sure, lots of women want to get married. But, I think that is more a security issue than a church issue.

We were going to get married in the lawyer's office but decided to just have the wedding here and invite some of Ana's family. I say "we" as I wasn't pushed into it. It just seemed like a good thing as were were really getting married to show others we were serious--it wasn't for us.

The only "dress standards" issue was that Ana was going to wear pants but someone (some relative) bought her a dress to wear. As much as she didn't want to, she was pretty much stuck with wearing it. There were certainly no ties at the wedding and there were people in jeans.