Travel Tips Please (leaving in a week)

I'm heading to Nicaragua in about a week and am looking for a little help.

First, I'm flying into San Juan, CR. Can I take the Ticabus and just ask them to drop me off at La Virgen?

Would I be better off getting off the bus in Rivas and renting a car and then heading to SJDS? Is there a decent rental agency/orrice in Rivas? (Toyota?)

Can I hike or rent a bike to ride up the coast from SJDS? Is the road too steep or difficult to travel?


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San Jose to SJdS

I would just get to the border and then taxi to SJdS. $20 should do it for 2-4 people. I got off the bus at Liberia and hung around for a meal and sight seeing, then taxied to the border and then another taxi to SJdS. I think it was $20 each leg of taxi.

The roads up and down the beaches are pretty steep, but if you get a multi-speed bike with fat tires you should do OK.

Have fun!



I may try the Cab at the border. Is that $20 per person or would that cover an individual?


The $20 was for 4 of us. You typically won't tip, unless the driver really goes out of his way for you.


Othen Then Whats Already here....

1. Dont tell the people checking your luggage that you have a bomb in your luggage, even if your kidding. 2. Bimbo is a kind of bread, not a hot chick that wants to come back to the hotelroom. 3. Hawaiian shirts are for Hawaii. 4. The US Embassy is USELESS, I think it may be more dangrous going to the the Embassy then what ever trouble they might help you with. 5. Enjoy the friendly Nicaraguans, 6. Careful of Nicaraguan Women, or you might end up married. 7. Flora De Cana is differnt from Fuente de Pura, they both sound pretty but Flora is made with the same formula God made women.

I cant think of any more at the momement.. But you should find all of the other advice here somewhere.

Othen Then Whats Already here....

I would rent a car, Its nice to have if you can afford it. I gives me more time to get around and do/see in a short period of time.


Assuming I'm crossing the border from the south, where should I rent a car? Rivas?

Car rental

Sorry about that, I should have read further, I just assumed you were flying into Liberia. A lot easier from Liberia.

Car Rental

We have come that way a few times and rented a car from Budget right at the border. They are in the Duty free shop right behind you as you line up to pay duties. I don't know what kind of car you want, but you can book on line and we always book the super econo car. They may try to charge you more, so insist on the rate that you have booked - bring a printout. The little car has always gotten us around SJDS, we only got stuck one time on the road to los cardones, but that we our own stupidity - should never have tried it.

We used to do everything properly when we came across the border, but now we just take our bags over to the car rental and just drive right out with them without anybody checking. Maybe you shouldn't do that if you don't know what you are doing. Also at Liberia, just tell them that you are going straight no Nicaragua and they should just let you take your bags out.

And also leaving from Liberia, you shouldn't have to pay the departure tax because you are in transit from Nicaragua, assuming you came right from the border to the airport.



Would I be better off renting the small sport-ute or a nissan sentra? From personal pexperience those little nissans can go about anywhere but I don't know how bad the roads are up and down the coast.

"CH" - Just curious?

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

Why are you flying from Florida to Costa Rica and not Managua?

I ran a price survey with fares from many places in the USA (America) and to MGA and to SJO and to Liberia and the prices were the same or cheaper to fly to MGA.


Too Late

I already bought the SJO tickets awhile back.Next time I'll probably go for MGA. I want to do a language immersion this summer (~1 month) with the wife and kids.

language immersion

May I ask, where are you doing the language immersion? Someone on this site recommended a place in San Juan del Sur ( ), I'm wondering if there are others that could recommend a place. (we want to do it this winter).