Flor de Cana / Bicardi

I wasnt looking for taste-test results or anything but was curious if anyone knows why in much of not most of the U.S. Flor de Cana is so hard to find at liquor stores? Bicardi is everywhere all the time, I assume because it is Puerto Rico based. Since most people I have ever met, especially Europeans (where Bicardi is expensive, and considered so great), are often shocked at how good the Nicaraguan rum really is. Same with almost every person I have ever met from the U.S. Person after person I meet from the U.S. usually here in Central America for a few months or maybe a year returns to the U.S. and tells me via an email that liquor stores do not even stock Flor de Cana or only stock grand reserve at holiday season. Is there any reason for this, economics wise? Is there something Flor de Cana is required to do, that they dont/wont/cant do to really enter the market? Price aside it is great rum but it has an obvious strength in that is is both excellent and cheap which is what many importers look for (easy to mark up costs a lot and people do not notice or care), but few import it.

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Arent most of the other liquors shipped in bulk and bottled in the U.S.? check the label. I dont think FDC is doing this.


Miskito Alan &#160

All FDC is bottled in Nicaragua.

Name Change for "NicaLiving"

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

"NicaDrinking" will be the new name.

This forum topic stays at the top of the list of posts.

The "NL" current poll is "favorite adult drinks".

"Blue Miskitu" posts pictures and many comments about his shortage of "FDC".

But - What do I know?


No problem getting FDC here

I am able to get Limon, Dry and Gold in any FoodCo, Food Max and two of our SaveMarts in Fresno California. All cost the same $8.49. I have seen it in some Latin Markets in Los Angeles but it costs between $14.99 to 18.99 for the same bottles. Now just waiting for the tona!!!!!


Forgot, I mix with SunnyD.

Lucky You

Lucky you. Most people I receive emails from tend to be in the middle states of the U.S. but they often report irregular supplies and prices of $19-29, just for the basic 4-Yr Flor de Cana's, which seems crazy, not to mention a 500-700% price increase (coffee and bananas and mangos and pineapples are almost all perishable in some sense, and they often do not see this huge 700% markup so someone is maybe making a lot of money...?).

Wine example

Everything you say is true or partly true (much of the tax is sales taxed added when you buy not already in the shelf price people mention usually, and the pinapples I tried to compare to are rather heavy and cannot wait much in shipment like liquor can), but the odd part is that it should also be true regarding wine, but is not true. While wine may have minor tax differences to purer liquor, it is not marked up 700% from the producing country. Wine from Chile (lot longer shipment and requires specific temp controls) say, when you compare prices in Chile to U.S. prices, is a lot closer to 2x the price, not 7x the price. Weight, tax, and supply to not seem to explain what happens to the price though...

Posibbly the "Middle Men"

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

"Flor De Cana" seems to sell nowhere direct and most of their exports seem to go to their wholesaler in Miami and a few European distributors; but, many "Scotch Whiskeys" and many other wines and liquor are distributed by the same method and those mark-ups don't exist.

Possibly, the low-volume for the distributors on "FDC"?


"John" - I think - Correct Theory

&#9824 Miskito Alan"

Because they can get the price and I still think low volume.

This is the funny thing.

In Mississippi, Louisiana (pre-Katrina), and Alabama; I must pay about U$25 for "Dewar's White Label" and the "JW-Black" is U$30.

In the duty free in MGA; the "Dewar's White Label" is U$10 and the "JW-Black" is U$30.

That's because Nicaraguans love their "JW-Black".

My theory.

Have a good week-end. Alan.


FDC in N. California

I can get FDC in San Mateo, California, outside of San Francisco. Was out one night in Managua and we ordered Extra lite and o.j., my friend noticed immediately that it was Ron Platta and sent it back. They apologized. Agreed they poured from the wrong bottle.

Real Rum Page (FDC & much more)

Though it sounds like most people replying to this entry already know a good bit about either Rum or Nicaragua (or both), the link below is to an interesting website, run by a real "rum nut" (I mean that in its best sense - I think). I cannot provide the direct link to Nicaragua, due to the way the web page is designed, but simply go there, click "labels", then click on the Nicaraguan flag, and on CLN, and you will see many of the marks mentioned by people down below in this post. It is also interesting in that some of these are no longer made, or made as shown:



so when is the official taste testing? Everybody bring a different label.

Forget the coke, mix with

Forget the coke, mix with calala (maracuya). That's paradise.

Only "Kosher" Rum in the World - "FDC"

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

I've always said: "Boy, this FDC is Kosher".

Flor de Cana Grand Reserve Rum Aged 7 Years, Nicaragua 750ml

Price $27.99 New Jersey - Nicaragua U$5

Flor de Cana Rum Gold Aged 4 Years, Nicaragua 750ml

Price $12.99 N.J. - Nic. U$4.40

Flor de Cana White Rum Extra Dry Aged 4 Years, Nicaragua 750ml

Price $12.99 N.J. - Nic. U$4.40

Flor de Cana Rum Centenario Aged 12 Years, Nicaragua 750ml

Price $39.99 N.J. - Nic. U$10.50

Flor de Cana Rum is one of our newest spirits and is the only rum with a kosher certification (certified by the OK). Produced from distilled sugar-cane, Flor de Cana is perfect on its own, on the rocks, or mixed with coke (one shot rum per one glass coke).



HN Prices, 2006+

There are often promotions in Honduras. Several times a year if you buy four bottles, the fifth is free. At holiday times, if you buy the "festival box", you get two standard-sized bottles, then one smaller size one as a free bonus. Right now, if you buy one standard bottle of the 4-year non-Limon marks, the smaller personal bottle is free (not the miniature things from hotels or airplanes, but the smaller store-stocked bottle), so for $4 or so you get the 750ml and the little 250ml or whatever the small one is, which is a great deal, really. Current prices in the big supermarkets in the largest Honduran cities are:

FDC RC 12 @ $11.65

FDC GR 7 @ $7.45

FDC Gold 4 @ $3.95

FDC Dry 4 @ $4.05

FDC Lite 4 @ $4.25

FDC Limon @ $5.25

Cuban rum is becoming less and less an exotically priced beverage. Prices drop every year. I only visit Nicaragua, but dont recall seeing cheap(er) Cuban there, though I guess intuitively I would expect it to be there more than in Honduras. Right now, three well-known Cuban rums are $5+ or so a bottle, and might get cheaper. If the Cuban rums were the same price as the Nicaraguan rums, FDC might lose most of the Honduran market.

Ron Mulata marks = $5.50 http://www.roncubano.cz/english/

Ron Planchao marks = $5.75 (same site as "Mulata")

Ron Arecha marks = $6.05 http://www.arecharoncubano.com/

I do not know why some products are so cheap in Honduras, especially when they are both imported, and bought in a mall or supermarket or wherever. Specialty rum products, just to take two examples, things like Cuban Arecha Ron Dulce and St. Croix Cruzan Black-Strap Rum are only $6 a bottle here, whereas they might be double that or more in some neighboring countries (or more than quadruple that in many other countries outside Central America).

$6 ?

Where do you buy the specialty rum products for $6? When I have seen such things they are at central liquor stores often for more like $11-14?

Boulevard Morazan

The last two things were more examples of would can be found, as opposed to what is always available at La Colonia or Paiz or whatever. La Colonia does sell some Mulata and some Arecha, but the specialty things are out at the discount liquor stores in Tegus. Not sure what the little mall is named, or if it has a name, but it has a paint store and a Pizza Hut. It is almost directly across the street from the building housing Alejandro's Disco, which every taxi driver would know. They do not sell beer there, only liquor. It has the best Central American prices I have seen in a store, for imported items. Especially good on items from Mexico, Spain and Cuba. FDC is actually more out there than at La Colonia, so I assume they are using different distributors.

Extra Light

Has anyone seen Extra Light in the states? There is Extra Dry, but it is nothing like Extra Light. I brought back a few bottles of the Extra Light along with 2 bottles of the 21 last month. When I went through customs the only thing I had to declare (after a 6 week trip) was $10 in knick-knacks & $110 in rum. The rum caught the guys eye & he said $100 for rum, that is kinda steep huh. Hated to tell him that 2 of the bottles were $51 each & the others only $5 each.

If no FDC Extra Lite

FDC is excellent. Most other Central American rum-makers have mediocre rums or gossly overpriced ones. If you do not find Extra Lite FDC, you might try the Lite's from Guatemala (while Guatemalan beer is horrid, except for the black beer Moza, their liquors are often excellent). Two companies / Lines are Ron Boltran and Zacapa / Venado. Ron Boltran "Etiqueta Blanca" & "Special Extra Light" are good; Venado Light has a lower alchohol content, but is an interesting drink. Both lines are distributed fairly broadly in the U.S.

"21" vs. "7"

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

Do you think there is very much difference between the U$51 "FDC 21"

and the "Gran Reserva"?

I found out something that I did not know today - Believe it or not :-).

I was checking the "FDC" website and the "21" is only aged 15 years. The "12 Year" is only about U$10.50 here in beautiful Puerto Cabezas.

If you are looking for "Extra Light"; Puerto Cabezas is overloaded since I've not taken any rum since "Happy New Year".


FDC 21

I read about the 21 last year, the 21 is for the 21st century or some such & you are correct it is only 15 anos. I bought 1 bottle on the trip before, but never opened it. I brought back 2 this year. They are gold here as they are next to impossible to get. I brought back one of the bottles for a friend & the other 2 I will likely trade for cigars on a cigar website. In 2004 there was a deal at the duty free & you got a bottle of 12,18,& 21, the price was about the same as the 21 solo. I have the bottle of 18 left (well most of it) & it is good, but I think you are right, the Gran Reserve is as good as it gets & like I said I like the Negro as well as any (around $5 a bottle in Nica, about $17 a bottle here in Fla).

I guess I should have done a proper taste test while in Nica. I think my technique of drinking a media of each may lead to a bias.

Pssst {' ;'} ,,, down here FDC vs. Baca

Rum is distilled from the fermented sugarcane juice or molasses. The resulting concoction is almost crystal clear in appearance. Often, the end procuct will be put into oak barrels for aging, and acquire some of its color from the aging process. Other times, extra color is gained by adding caramel, molasses or a combination of both. Light or dry versions of Rum were originally meant to compete wth Vodka, Gin and other light alcohols. The use of "light" applies only to the body, color and taste. In either case, Dark or Light Rums may have been fermented from the same sugarcane, distilled the same, and aged for the same amount of time.

Interesting Note: Barcardi Rum since is on demand by super ads all over the US = demand for Baca and it does not have the chance to aged, is chemically age therefore taste is far off compared to the rich tatse of any Flor de Cana.

Glass + Ice Cubes + FDC = mmmmmmm Super great taste; Arriba, abajo al centro y adentro! do this 10 times and you be back to Nica-paradise in a flash :)

The Good news is: FDC can be available if you only ask your Liquer Store to order for you.


Light / Lite

Most rum makers have a dry, light, and gold (if not many more versions). The Lite and Dry usually, almost always, have a slightly lesser alcohol content (often 30 or 35, as opposed to 40% - and I think FDC is the same) than Gold. It is the same process, as you say, and the producer controls the alcohol content in the final stages of making it. There isnt any reason why one couldn't make a 40% Dry rum, but few places in the world do this, perhaps because more people tend to drink gold rum pure, and often buy clear rum for drink mixing. The Lite FDC is harder to find in Honduras, and much, much harder to find in Guatemala.

Over + "Blue"

&#9827 Miskito Alan:

As you say the dark "FDC's" have molasses added to them and/or caramel to make the color which results in a much sweeter taste and that is the reason that I think the "Extra-Light" is better for the blood-sugar levels.

I don't know if this molasses is that molasses from up there in Vermont that they take from the trees in the winter-time or whether its just "By God South Carolina" sorghum.

Do you remember when all the "cane" was grown and the big plant operated in "Kukra Hill"?

Did you drink any "FDC" last night?


,,,/ {-_-} I will send NL My Favorite Kodak Moment

During the High Due or Die in Football Season here in US, there is nothing better than a drink or 15 of "FDC Grand Reserved" while watching high tense game, however after the 5th drink I am already cheering for the team that is playing harder. Gosh great faithful Fan I am, BTW the BUC's Lost I am Hurt and as they said: UN CLAVO SACA A OTRO CALVO... BRB need to check on my FDC inventory for today NFL Games. over...

PS: I keep The FDC Extra Seco sealed and inside the Freezer (make the rum a bit thicker) and is open only for VIP :) Makes a great TASTY SALTY DOGS !

Download your FDC Screensaver: http://flordecana.com/en/downloads/Setup.exe

Flor De Cana

Flor De Cana is readily availabe in Florida (as are many other imported & hard to find rums). I would guess that it may be hard to find in other parts of the country only because there is no market (or limited) for it. Anyone who taste Flor De Cana will certainly want it again. I drank Flor De cana after a friend introduced it to me, next thing you know I was on my way to Nicaragua. Damn that rum.....

Oh and

The Flor De Cana Extra Lite is far superior to any othe white rum. I personally drink the 5 anos (negro), but they are all very good....

All are very good except for...

FDC Limon. That stuff is terrible. Stay away from it. The bottle looks cool, but don't buy it.

I hear you...

its just like bicardi and Captain Morgans, They went off and started making some Pinapple, Mango, etc flavored rums. How can you do that to such a pure drink? It would have at least helped if it wasn't artifical flavoring


Did you read somewhere that the rum is artificially flavored? I ask in that while I am not necessarily a fan of flavored rums, FDC really didnt follow any other company in the making of this thing. Unlike most other companies making "flavored rums", FDC flavor is not artificial, and the rum is fully aged (many companies cheat the aging process, since they will add so much later they assume no one will notice). At least when this FDC rum won the gold medal at the "flavored rum" competitions in 2001, 2002, 2003, it was then the only naturally flavored rum on the world market. This rum was never intended to be comsumed straight; it is a mixer rum.


I was referring to the other 2 brands of rum. with the extra fruity flavors


Well, o.k., ... but then your reply doesnt make much sense in English, because it, being FDC Limon, is NOT just like Bicardi and C.M., and they, FDC, did NOT go off and start making some such similarly flavored rum, and since it, FDC, is not artificially flavored, well, ... nothing really follows... O.K.

Sometimes I babble and have No point...


Kevin - Post Nicaragua

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

Since you have left Nicaragua a short-time ago; you seem to very particular about your "FDC".

I don't remember you having any problem with the "Extra-Light" while in Puerto Cabezas. I think our friend on Corn Island is responsible for your change in attitude. :-)


Always the negro

At home I always drank the 5 Anos (Negro), then I came to Port & broadened my horizons drinking the extra lite, then in that damned Corn Island I had to drink the 7 Anos (gran Reserve) & one man (a friend of yours) offered me the 21.

Let it be known that I like (well love may be a better word) all Flor De Cana...

General "FDC" Comments

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

I had a friend that headed the "FDC" marketing and he used to come to Corn Island quite a bit. A few years ago, he told me that "FDC" was going to make a concerted effort to establish market share in the USA (America). At that time, Miami was the only market with any volume as "FDC" was already established there.

I have read several articles in "La Prensa" and I've also heard that parts of Europe are already good markets for "FDC". The push is still suppossed to be underway for "FDC" to establish a serious market share in the USA (America).

To me, "Bacardi" is overblown with advertising and over-priced. Even before I came to Nicaragua 15 years ago; I would not drink "Bacardi" but I would drink "Myer's Dark, "Capt. Morgan", or I would drink Scotch Whiskey.

I would never buy "Bacardi" under any circumstances.



I do not really know. But, it is possible that they have never tried to go after the whole U.S. market. In a magazine article interview a few years ago I saw the CEO or whoever he was claim that Miami (Miami, not Florida!) was more than 50% of their Flor de Cana U.S. market. The thing is that most States have State or regional liquor suppliers, so if you are up north where I am, I doubt any distributor has a Miami connection, and maybe the people you have met are also a long ways from Miami? Just a possibility. I know that I have never seem a 4-year bottle of Flor de Cana at any Wisconsin or Illinois or Michigan liquor store, if that counts for any thing. I know they recently revamped their business plan after having several of their rums win rum competitions. They have new distributors for South America, and maybe also for Europe. When I did see Flor de Cana for sale in Florida, it was not cheap. The 4-year dry silver whatever bottle I usually buy in Honduras for less than $3 (Flor de Cana often costs less in Tegucigalpa than in Managua, but I dont know why that is) was about $17 in Florida, which put it several dollars above Bicardi; also not sure why that is.

catracho FDC

i heard that honduras produces a domestic rum under the FDC label. it is only for domestic(honduras) consumption and it is inferior to the real thing....that might be the reason for the low price.

No (Nica made)

No, the well-priced Flor de Cana rum in the capital of Honduras is Nica-made Flor de Cana. While you can still find some that was Honduran-made with the Flor de Cana name on the label (what you are refering to) in the Southern part of the country (the factory Flor de Cana built there for in-country consumption, to be a high-end fire-water, really), ceased production years ago; they make other stuff still, but it is not labeled Flor de Cana. This old Honduran made stuff was a different rum "recipe", and not as good, but then again the big bottles were $1.25! Real Flor de Cana is cheaper in Tegucigalpa, than I have ever seen it in Nicaragua. You can just walk into to any Paiz or La Colonia (mega grocers), and buy bottles for $3 or so. Four times a year, often holiday time, they sell these black cardboard boxes of Flor de Cana which include 2 large bottles and one small bottle, for about $5.50.

You can also buy there, at least 4 kinds of Cuban rum, all for under $4.00-5.00, as well as Mexican-made Cofee liquors and types of brandy for less than $5. There are many specialty liquors which cost $15-30 in Chicago or Milwaukee (where I am from), which are about $3-6 here in Honduras. Just one example but Brazilian Cachaca is only $4.50 in Honduras. The beer selection is fairly broad, and rather cheap. Not exactly sure why, but things are usually cheaper here (I am in Honduras, and only visit Nicaragua) than in Nicaragua. National beers can be bought direct off the delivery trucks for $8 per case. Many bars sell national beers at about the same price as grocery stores, of $0.50 each. The two big grocers listed above sell these also, almost year around:

$0.55 = Tecate ; $1.10 = Corona ; $0.75 = Dos Equis ; $0.35 = Carta Blanca ; $0.65 = Royal Dutch ; $0.70 = Tuborg Gold ; $0.70 = Bohemian Classic ;

Reason & Plant

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

The "FDC" plant in Honduras was built in 1971 and I do not know when the "FDC" production was ceased there.

Carl - Looking at your beer, rum, and other prices; everything is cheaper in Honduras. The difference must be lower taxes in Honduras.


HN Prices

I think Towermans prices were likely pre-Holidays, 2005. They have shot up in the last few months, for reasons I have not seen in print. Most non-Honduran rum here is about $1.00-1.50 more per bottle than this time last year. If you are outside Central America, $1 probably seems hardly noticable or hardly worth a mention, but once in a Latin ecnomony you know it is a 20-30% increase in a single year - depending on the original price. Beer is still cheap though. If the FDC price increases are due to a souring relationship of some kind with importers, I would not be surprised to see Cuban rum cheaper than Nicaraguan rum in Honduras, in the next year or so. Even now, you can buy any one of five different Cuban marks for $5-6.

Ron Plata

I only had a little of this, but I think it is superior to most countries rum.

More than 1 "Ron Plata"?

I guess I need to assume there is more than one "thing" called Ron Plata. The "thing" in a bottle with this label in Honduras and Guatemala and Mexico (not sure where made) is so -what should I say- BAD, that it is a last attempt at drunkenhood and never more. It is what you buy when you and your friends collectively, have only $1-2. It does not even smell like Rum or good rum nor taste like it. The joke in Honduras is that you can clean the carbborator on yours cars then all get wasted for only $2. Maybe what they sell in Nicaragua is different or better or whatever but I am not sure since silver 4 year FDC rum is what most people I know buy and mix.

UGH! - "Ron Plata"

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

"Ron Plata" tastes just like kerosene.

I don't drink either one anymore. :-)



I wonder how much money they save by selling Ron Plata in Plastic bottles rather than in Glass.

Ron Plata is the 'Official Drink' of the barrio in which I live "La Fuente" on the outskirts of Huembes Mercado.

the other offical drink is the guarro that FDC sells in barrels to the local street corner Liquor stores around here, I wonder what vintage that is :)

Shipping and "safety"

Shipping is one reason. Breakage might be another, in rural areas. In Honduras (I am not sure about Nicaragua) the plastic came about, or so I heard, for stadium and other uses. I do not know if they passed the rule/law but there was talk of banning the glass from football stadiums and some beaches and such. For some drinks, even alcohol, it costs more not less to buy the plastic bottle, rather than the glass one, but maybe that is because they are trying to pay off some new bottling line?

&#9829 Miskito Alan:No

&#9829 Miskito Alan:

No Umbrellas - Are you crazy?

Got to have umbrellas for protection from flying plastic bottles.

I don't care somebody gets their eyes poked out with umbrellas.

Besides - You ever hear of raincoats?


Alan who do I complain to?

I have for years been a lover of the 5 year FDC Black Label, it is not sweet like the Gran Resurve is and at one time was on all the shelves here in Port. Now I have a hard time finding it, whenever some comes to town it dissapears fast. Is there a shortage of this or what? You seem to be in the know. Thanks John Wayne

conspiracy that what it is

The people at FDC know that the black label is a far supirior blend , although the price difference they want to push the red label. I agree with ya on the black label , every time I drinck the red I have a heavy head the next day with th black no problemos.

Yep One Shortage

Miskito Alan:

You and Gastone and Steadman and Burro are drinking too much of the 5 year.



locals call it "ron pleito" thats what i heard...my cousin loves it and he lived in nica for ten years!