Do not get me wrong- Nicaragua has 2 good beers. But what about if I want something else?

Surely there has to be a store in Managua that sells a variety of beers?

Can anyone help (address or phone number)?

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Beer note

It is not common for imported beers to be sold in bulk; they are also not always all that cheap. So, often, you buy by-the-bottle, or in a 4-pack or 6-pack if a store has a special. Not sure why, but the only CR made beer found easily is CR-made Heineken, even though Costa Rica makes many beers, including a light, NA, and dark beer, things most Central American countries do not do. Also, Honduras-made Bahia is better than Corona, and costs less than half the price, but is only found in a few select places. Most other Honduran beers (all of which are very good) are only found at the border, and are often seen on the floor behind the customs people in the office near El Paraiso, but I am not sure if they simply prefer the Honduran brew, or have confiscated it! If you are near Corinto, you can sometimes get Tecate (cans) or Dos Equis (giant bottles) from Mexico at about 30% the cost of them in the U.S.


Most of the supermarkets stock

Buffalo Brahva Tona Victoria Victoria Light Hieneken Corona

The Stop n Go at approximately km 8.5 on car. Masaya has a store that sells several others Including


Best Beer in Nicaragua

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

The very best beer in Nicaragua is "Roger's Famous Home Brew".

The beer comes in light and dark.

I can give out no other information - Please don't ask.

If I told you - Well, you know what I would have to do to you. :-)


I can attest to that.

However I am a big fan of "Rogers Famous Wines: Mango, Carrot, Pineapple"

I can give out no other information - Please don't ask.

If I told you - Well, you know what I would have to do to you. :-)

Very Well Said

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

As you well know - Only the best customers are able to get the wines.

Since I'm seldom in the area that we are finding this "stuff"; I am not able to be a regular customer and I have not risen to the point where I'm able to get wines.

I really don't want the wines - Just "Roger's Famous Home Brew".


Imported Beer

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

Watch out for the "Heiniken" - most is made in Costa Rica and to me tastes quite strange and not good.

The "Stop n Go" is a good spot for imported things like beer and other things imported from around the world. The Stop and Go is located in Plaza El Mirador on Carretera Masaya near Km 8 at the entrance to Santo Domingo. Tel is 276-1363.

This store is somewhat hidden because the location is in a "strip" center that is built perpendicular to the highway. From Managua, this "strip center" is located on the right-hand side of the Masaya Highway near km 8.

Also, for meats and other goodies; the "Bavarian Deli" is located next to the "Stop n Go" and is a must to check out.

A specialty wine shop called La Cava de Vino (the Wine Cave), is in the middle of a new glass-fronted car dealership complex. The shop is near "Plaza Familiar" ("strip center") on the same right side of the highway coming from Managua. I've passed many times; but, I've not stopped to shop. I've been told that this store has a good selection of imported beer also.

Shannon's Bar in Managua does have "Guiness". The "Real Deal".

Everyone and especially "John" and "Pete" - Lets please don't get started on the "strip center" comments today.


As Miskito Alan said your

As Miskito Alan said your best bet is Stop & Go (There is another Stop & Go on Carretera Sur near KM 8 its on the right hand side). You should also check out La Familiar liquor store in Los Robles.

"John" Says..........

&#9824 Miskito Alan:

"John" said: "I also found the CR-Heinekin to have a rather foul taste".

I say that foul taste is what drove me & John to "FDC".