plaza inter

plaza inter

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"Plaza Inter Mall" & "Hotel Crowne Plaza"

Miskito Alan &#174

This is the mall and the hotel that is located a safe walk of one short block from the "Hotel El Conquistador".


Safe? Really?

An acquaintance was robbed by four men one with a pistol and three with machetes last week enroute from the El Q to this area. At 11:45 a.m.,no less. This was a long time resident and I believe posts here as well. The 4 stole the gun at machete point from a vigilante the night before, saying quite a lot about the usefulness of a vigilante and a gun when confronted by the gunless. Unless they are ninja-like adept at machete-throwing faster than a bullet.

Wrong Location - Papa

Miskito Alan &#174

The location of your Safe? Really? comment is simply incorrect.

The location of the gun/robbery incident is nowhere near the Hotel El Conquistador and the short walk to Plaza Inter. The Hotel Q is a block in front of Plaza Inter and the robbery happened 5 blocks behind the Hotel Q. Nobody walks in the robbery area to go from the hotel to the shopping mall.

padredealyson posted the exact location here on this NicaLiving under his comment entitled Mas Hechos.

mas hechos

Submitted by padredealyson on 3 March, 2006 - 20:43.

padrdealyson said "The street in question is one block south of TicaBus and I was about 5 blocks in from Plaza Inter. I have walked this street numerous times in the past month, always in daylight, always without incident. It is a main thoroughfare for people (extranjeros) that stay in the cheap (dive) hotels/hospedajes heading to/from Plaza Inter."

View from USA State Dept.

Submitted by Miskito Alan on 4 March, 2006 - 06:27.

Miskito Alan ®

Incident location is not close by the Hotel El Conquistador.

The usage of the term "Hotel" below is an exageration. The word for these places should be "hospejade" or "a dive" or "a dump" that operate solely to attract the U$3/night paying backpacking crowd while they are waiting for their bus.

Click for Warning

In Managua, the main terminals for the TICA Bus & Kings Quality are located near Calle 27 de Mayo. There are a number of budget hotels located near these bus stops publicized in various travel guides. Unfortunately this is also a high crime area, especially after dark. There are numerous reports of tourists being assaulted at knifepoint or gunpoint while walking back to the hotel after having gone out for the evening. Robberies have also occurred early in the morning when a traveler is catching an early bus during the pre-dawn hours. Walking on the street at night is not recommended in Managua and, this area in particular, can be dangerous.