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Development - Receptive Tourism is a part of development, often I advise prospective ex pats and retirees to travel down here and check out the landscape and the people and view both the "finer points" & "rough edges" for themselves. Residing permanently in Nicaragua and Central America is not an option for everyone, yet everyone could certainly enjoy a short visit, make friends and return again and again. Many, like my friend Glenn in the USA come down once or twice a year to Masaya area with releif supplies which the locals then distribute. I am able to hook up travelers/language students/volunteers to local guides and operators, paying local prices and recommend budget lodgings, with advice on how to get around just like a native..things guidebooks don't tell you..or try to...

Re: "I'm trying to do an open ended trip up through Central America and Mexico. I want to play it by ear while I am down there and not have time constraints put on me by having to be at a certain place at a certain time to make a return flight. Yet an onward/return ticket is needed to enter most of the countries in Central America. Any advice on how to get by this?"

I am a Tourism and Travel Specialist based in El Salvador, a US citizen Ex Pat resident since 1986 in El Salvador and Guatemala, normally only Panama demands round trip tickets upon arrival. Try for specials FROM the US and ask about their coupon programs (used to be Maya Pass) for flights within C.A. must be purchased by flyers from North America there, tickets and services bought online are cheaper. Also you may book a RT flight to any Central American country or Mexico and take the 1st Class TICA Buses, starting from Tapachula in Mexico near the Guatemalan Border through the Isthmus to Panama City, with stopovers in each Central American capital city, with onward ticket and time to travel in each country view: saving a lot of money on taxis to distant airports plus the departure taxes in each country which average $25.00US. Before you arrive contact me and I am able to put you in touch with local tour operators and guides in each country, recommend budget-moderate lodging and give you smart advice on how to get around if you wish.

STEP INSIDE CENTRAL AMERICA... LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Experienced Native Guides in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Intensive Cultural Tours Central America with connections to Bolivia and Peru as well. In El Salvador and Guatemala we offer to the visitor intensive cultural, crafts and eco tours with local guides such as world famous El Salvadorian native impressionist artist Ruben Silhy, (go to and type in search: "ruben silhy"). Residnt in the capital city of San Salvador, where one may find many B & B's and Guest Houses located on quiet tree lined city side streets, or you may choose to stay at one several beach houses called “ranchos” nestled along El Salvador’s pristine coastline if just in the mood to relax. Study Spanish in Central America or Volunteer to help one of several worthy causes ranging from human rights to disaster relief...special welcome to artists, travel writers and other journalists, photographers and especially women travelling alone. Our organization is not affiliated with any political party neither religious groups, however we tailor the itinerary to the client's needs and budget limitations and connect you if possible with whomever you wish to meet and escort you wherever you wish to travel. Local guides available also in Antigua and Guatemala City, Guatemala, Managua and Masaya, Nicaragua and El Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. View some info about us on E mail: ALL INQUIRIES ANSWERED WITHIN 24 HOURS IF POSSIBLE. English Español, Deutsch, Français, Svenska Hebrew

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