Dreaming and planning

I've been spending alot of time researching Nicaragua. The more I learn the more intrigued I become. I also become more excited because I think of all the possibilities the future may hold. I traveled extensively through southern Africa and loved staying in the lodges, hostels and b&bs. Could it be possible that I could have my very own private reserve in Nicaragua? I'm dreaming big on that one. But it certainly is possible for me to have a wonderful bed and breakfast or hostel with a butterfly garden and exotic birds (maybe a sloth?)Note that I do not want howler monkeys.

And here I was all excited this weekend because a momma mallard duck has her ducklings on the lake now here.

I've decided that I am going to go to Nicargua for a visit first. I'll most likely go in July, I'm trying to finalize my decision on where to attend spanish classes. Since its summer I will go to Esteli because I am not a fan of hot humid weather and I don't like big cities full of tourists. I spent 8 years in Florida and swore I would never live in that climate again.

I will have to book my plane tickets soon also. Hmmm, I'm looking at the calender and July 15 looks good to me. 6 weeks away!!

I am wondering what I will tell my employer. I'm sorry, I must quit this damn boring job because I am going to Nicaragua. Can you imagine the look I will get?

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July 19

No idea what will be happening then but July 19 is the 25th aniversary of the revolution.

As for employers/co-workers, when I announced I was leaving for Costa Rica to my co-workers (note that I am President of the company) the were mostly concerned about how the company would function. I just pointed out that someone else would have to fix the FAX machine now.


Hi Julie! First of all I think it's great that you are considering such a move. If your son is willing to do it, it would be an incredible experience for him to have.

I just got back from six weeks in Nicaragua. I have a friend who's a Peace Corps Volunteer there and she set me up in Esteli with a spanish school called Horizonte. I really recommend them. There's another school called Cenac in Esteli which is also well spoken of. http://www.ibw.com.ni/~horizont/ http://www.tmx.com.ni/~cenac/

I think that living abroad is a great experience, but I think it's important to have realistic expectations. I lived for two years in a small village in West Africa and I had similar expectations of being a part of a community. However, this didn't happen 100%. I was well liked by neighbors and known throughout the community, but I could never escape the fact that I was a foreigner. While I found that people were much happier in poverty than I had ever imagined possible, they also had a lot of knowledge about life in developed countries, and a lot of people had a chip on their shoulder, so to speak. What I'm trying to say is, some people will accept you into their homes and lives, but other people will always see you as a rich foreigner that they can get something out of. It may be better in a city in Nicaragua because you will be surrounded by wealthier Nicaraguans. But it's still something to keep in mind as you consider going. Living abroad can be incredibly enriching and you can meet some amazing people and forge lifelong friendships, but there will always be certain people and experiences that remind you that in the end, you're an outsider. You have to expect such experiences so that you aren't blindsided by them.

Being an outsider is what I h

Being an outsider is what I have experienced all my life. I wouldn't know any different. In every community no matter where you have to take the good with the bad. There will always be people who accept you as you are and folks that no matter what consider you an outsider and not to be trusted.

It's Winter here

Summer here is November thru April. So, this is the cool season here and the non-tourist season. That said, you can look at the weather page and see what it is like in Managua. Cool just means you might not melt for 30 minutes.

There are lots of options here. I have looked at property in Miraflor. It is 24km from here and the whole Miraflor area is a preserve. It was about 50 hectares with three houses (I saw one and I agree it is a house but not exactly what most people would call one) in rolling hills. $65,000. Prices will certainly be higher when you expect such luxuries as electricity, of course.

I have a little over two months of time in Esteli now and 2.5 years in Central America. My plan is to live in the city for now but look at property in the area. Besides the Esteli valley I will likely look in Matagalpa and Jinotega. I see myself living on my property some time in the next year but, again, I am not going to force the issue.