Bug Problem? HELP ASAP!

Hey all. I'm going to Nicaragua in March for a missions trip, and was wondering, is there a bug problem there? If so, what kind of bugs? When do they come out? I'm going to land in Managua but be in Jinotega and the jungle areas mostly, so I'd appreciate more information on those areas. The thing is, bugs just seem to like my blood...fleas, mosquitos, spiders...even if I'm in a group of people I'M the ONLY one that gets bitten. My skin scars easily too, and I'm allergic to a bunch of insects so I'm kind of scared. Any information would be really helpful, as well as tips on what to do to keep them from biting me....of course I'll wear insect repellant...but what about other things? is there something I can eat..drink? wear? please reply ASAP! THANK YOU!!!

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You Picked the Wrong Country

BUGS are a fact of life here in Nicaragua!!!


I recommend Sawyer's controlled release DEET based insect repellants. Nothing works better than DEET and this stuff lasts longer and exposes you to the DEET less. I also recommend some Imodium tablets along with a small first-aid kit.


Perhaps it would be best if you didn't come. There are bugs here. Fact. You will be bit. Fact. That's really it. There is no other way of sugar coating it. You will be IN NATURE here. Bugs are a fact of life. If you are alergic, it would probably be in your best interests to not come. Depending on where you go, there may not be any medical care available should you suffer anaphalactic (SP?) shock.

BUG PROBLEM ,,,/ {' ; '} ,,,, HERE? Mi Casa o Tu Casa?

Personally, If you have travel to Florida you got more problems there with "mosquitos" than in Nicaragua alone,. since you are refering to Bug in general then I can say that in New York City you got more Roaches problem than in Nicaragua, and if you are afraid of Yellow Fever in the tropics, then you most Drink up 4 bottle of Aguardiente a day to keep the Bug away, is like a Bug Repellent.

so it's not THAT bad?

I'm just afraid since I seem to get bit so easily, that's all. I've been to both states, Ney York and Florida, but wasn't bothered by any bugs that much there. But then again, in Florida I was in Orlando not Miami, so it wasn't as humid I don't think. I don't know. What is "AGUARDIENTE"? Is that a special drink I can buy here in CA or only there? Thank you!

having just returned from the atlantic coast

of nicaragua i found the only bug problem was with ants, some mosquitos, and alot of chiggers (grass fleas). easy remedies for two out of the three.


There is no bug problem here. If you mean are there LOTS of bugs, then yes, but there is no bug "problem". The bugs are a natural part of the ecosystem, and I would venture to say much less harmful to the ecosystem than a human. :-)

As far as your "jungle" areas, perhaps you should know that, um, they're not really jungle areas, at least by what most people expect from watching tv.

Wear insect repellant, use a mosquito net treated with insect repellant (spray some of yours on it) to sleep at night. If you don't mind looking doofy and being hot, then wear long sleeves, tuck your pant legs into your socks, and wear a hat with flaps that cover the back of your neck.

As far as eating/drinking something, garlic is supposed to work as natural insect repellant. You might get away with taking some garlic pills.

If you're scared, you're going to do stupid things. This is from personal experience. You might see an unfamiliar bug and recoil, which can do all kinds of fun things to your health (like falling and breaking something). If you feel you have a genuine reason to be scared, you may be right. Make an appointment with your doctor to go over your allergies and the local bugs here, so that when you're here, you can know what the actual risks you're taking are. This will allow you to have a warranted level of fear, versus something akin to "OH MY GOODNESS IT'S A BUG!!" going on.

there's lots of them, but they're not too bad?

Ok, so the other post said Florida's mosquito problem is worse than Nicaragua's. Is that true? The thing is, I know for sure I'm allergic to fleas and mosquitos, so I'm really scared of those two mainly. I think I'm allergic to more it's just I'm not sure what.

So the "jungle" isn't too hardcore of a jungle there? So will there be more bugs in Jinotega or in those areas?

So what kind of bugs are really prevalent in Nicaragua? And what bugs actually BITE people? Or people have a bit of trouble with? I just want to take every kind of precaution and gather as much info as I can.

Also, what is the weather like there in March? Humid? Rain? Sunny? Is there any type of weather bugs like to come out in? I'm thinking about wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants but not super heavy ones if it's warm there. Thank you so much!


All the respect in the world, but you really seem to be looking for more problems than exist. That said, March is hot and dry... I guess the best thing I could recommend for knowing how "jungly" the jungle is would be to glance around the photo albums on this site. When you say you're allergic to mosquitos, what kind of reaction do you have?


If you have serious allergies you should be under a doctor's care (some of whom will kill you deader than insects will). Ask for some emergency medicine. Maybe you can just carry a box of benadryl. If it's any consolation, I got bit by something river rafting in Desolation Canyon, Utah, started to go into shock and though I was going to die. But guess what, I didn't! Damn inconvenient place to die , anywho. My leg was still swelling up 4 days later when we got through the rapids to Green River. Huum, mayhaps I should be carrying some benadryl, thanx for the warning!

I'm also quite amused by telervision shows with people wandering through the brush with shorts, tank tops, etc., so as to not intefer with bug brunch. Cover up and make the critters work for their chow!

Seems I saw something in Cabelas online catalog about clothes that come will some kind or bug repellent made into the cloth. Too exotic for me, but you might want to give it a look.