Bull Sharks in Lago de Nicaragua

Bull sharks 7´long and weighing 250 lbs. are swimming in the shallow waters of Lake Nicaragua. Apparantly, shark attacks only occur about every 30 years or so.

There is a bull shark account in the book "Ometepe en el Siglo XX" by Manuel Hamilton Silva Monge, an historian who lives on the island. Published in 2002, in Spanish. I bought my copy in Moyogalpa, Ometepe. It is a 150 page paperback with 24 pages of color photos.

Many years ago, a bull shark did kill a fisherman 100 yards offshore. The islanders responded by making a pig squeal on the shoreline and killing the shark when the shark came into shallow water.

Note: Ometepe takes up 106 square miles of the lake. If you count the steep slopes, there is even more surface area. With 38,000 inhabitants, that´s only 358 people per square mile.

The lake is 3,330 square miles. That´s 5 times the size of the entire San Francisco Bay in the U.S.

For more Bull, see: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/07/0719_050719_bullsharks.h...

Scott Banks


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The great adventures of Nika Nix

Back when Nika Nix was still in Nicaragua, his thrill-seeking pastimes (besides flying airplanes) was to waterski in shark infested waters of Lake Nicaragua . . . I believe to test this very theory, in fact.

Braver man than most of us here.

They were not watersking...

They were trolling with "Live Bait"....

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

I'd heard from a Guide . . .

I believe he said it was in the 1980s, that a ferry had sunk on its route across the lago. Don't ask me the departure/destination. The Red Cross were picking up survivors. They were not wholesome, if you catch my wave . . . yikes. And he was telling us this while we were out travelling las isletas. I know they are a southern part of the lake phenomenon but still ; )

Shark attacks on Lake Nicaragua

There are only three confirmed unprovoked shark attacks (none fatal) on humans in Nicaragua SINCE 1890!!!!! http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/sharks/statistics/gattack/mapmiddle.htm Granted there may be more unreported or unconfirmed, but you are way more likely to be attacked in Florida, Hawaii, Australia or other popular spots than in Lake Nicaragua. (Those of us more environmentally inclined would point out that we should be more worried about the shark species being totally fished out!) I'd suggest Nicaragua has enough bad PR going against it that we don't need to further spread a lot of exaggerations or fish stories even if they sound good at Halloween.

Sharks - Extinct

Miskito Alan says that people have been talking this bullshit for years and nobody has seen any fresh-water sharks in years and this whole topic is incorrect.

This is a fable and everybody can go back to Hans Christian Anderson and read some fairy tales.

Mr. "Casper" is completely correct.


Easy on eh.

I only said the guide told us and he was a Nica. Maybe his Dad told him as a ghost story, I don't know. Damned if I have time to research everything a native Nica tells me about their country.

Rob - No Complaint

From 1991 until the present date, I can catch or have caught a 25# Snook or a 125# Tarpon on this Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and the native people tell me that is nothing and that I should see what they caught last week.

I pay it no mind.

All comes with the territory. -- Alan.


I won't worry about the shark then . . .

does that mean it's safe to swim at the Granada beach ; )

Rob - Misunderstanding

Miskito Alan says that means to stay out of Granada and come to beautiful Puerto Cabezas on the beautiful Atlantic Coast as "Puerto George" and "Beautiful Jan" did for one month and they are coming back.

But - You must hurry because the available allocation for "Gringos" is limited. :-)


as someone who .....

still knows very little i did learn one thing about puerto cabezas...

there is more bull.....than sharks there especially when the flor de cana is flowing :)

Beautiful Atlantic beaches

Yes, I saw those photos of the PC beaches. They look fantastic and 84º whew. One day we'll see all of Nica. Sooner rather than later.