Diesel generator near Altagracia on Ometepe

Diesel generator near Altagracia on Ometepe

Diesel fuel is used to create electricity. A small amount of hydro-electric power is produced(See Carl´s post below.). No thermo power currently produced on Ometepe. There is a huge lagoon on Maderas Volcan. Water comes from there but not electricity. Concepcion Volcan is an active volcano with a small eruption last week.

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Generator on Maderas

Hi Scoot,

There is a small generator on the stream coming out from Maderas. They collect the water at the base of the big waterfall that you can hike up to. It's fed by pipe down the long hill to a generating plant at the top of the road where you hike up from the west. It does not feed more than the small settlement there, though. But yes, there is hydropower on Ometepe.