Migration and Immigration.

Because NL is migrating to A42 I did´t post anything else, however a lot of people is still visiting NL so I would like to post something regarding Immigration.

Nowadays there are more than two hundred case to be sign by the General Director of Immigration, that´s means more than two hundred files to check and approve, I was informed last week in my periodic visit to Immigration to confirm if some of my clients have been approved – the two hundred files are not mine – especially some of them have been waiting more than six months.

That amount is totally different than some time ago, it looks like Immigration to Nicaragua has increase recently – as retirees, business men or foreign investors, missionaries and spouse - which is good news however the process to approve a residency has changed, that is why applicants must be patient.

I understand Immigration is working with the same amount of personal or people and visiting applicants in a very long distance from Managua, which is making the process slow, additionally some applicants leave the country during the process which complicates it.

Also I was informed a friend of mine from USA who applied for citizenship is nowadays a new Nicaraguan, it took a lot of time, but finally was approved.

Meanwhile we are migrating to A42 we be more patient with immigration because they are taking more time to approve residency than in the past.

To find more information of residency as retiree or rentier please check this in NL: http://www.nicaliving.com/node/15617

As foreign Investor: http://www.nicaliving.com/node/20637

Best Regards Paul Tiffer R. Abogado y Notario Público/ Attorney at Law and Public Notary Tiffer & Asociados ptiffer@cablenet.com.ni Celular 88841652 Managua, Nicaragua www.nicaliving.com/node/3156