A42 redirects

While NL will have redirects to specific places on the A42 site (that is, even after the current Drupal site is retired), I recognized the need for redirects within the A42.com site itself. When I was working with Paul Tiffer to get some information moved/new information posted he asked me for the URL. Basically, I was embarassed because it was so long. I was sure the redirect ability existed but couldn't find it last Friday. Today, I did.

Here are the first two I added as a test:

  • http://a42.com/pg/nicaragua -- the base of the authoritative information on Nicaragua. (The Wiki+ pages, not the discussion forums but there is a link at the bottom of that page to the forums on Nicaragua).
  • http://a42.com/pg/paul-tiffer -- the base of what will become up to date immigration information from Paul Tiffer.

I intend to add lots more but need to cull out good information first.