Cash Deposit; how much currently?

Hi all When applying for a Cedula there is apparently a Cash Deposit to be paid: The deposit, I'm told, is mandatory and provides the government of Nicaragua with the necessary funds to deport you if for any reason they find it necessary. Does anyone know what this deposit currently amounts to?

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Conclusion; yes, but no.

In conclusion, the answer to the question; ' is it true that having stayed for 6 months in Nicaragua you then have to be out of the country for the following 6 moths?' seems to be: 'Technically yes, but actually no'. So if the regulation is there it's clearly Not enforced. Thanks again for your input.

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I'm confused

OK now I'm confused. Mike says 'not true', meaning, I hope, that I don't have to stay out of the country for six months following the initial tour of 6 mths. But Juanno says '6mths. in 6 mths out'.

Hmm what does our excellent lawyer friend Paul Tiffer say? And let's say I went back to London after the first spate and arranged all the necessary documents to apply for a pensioner's visa; would I Then have to wait for six months??

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Perhaps you could direct me to an authoritative statement? I've been scouring the posts concerning immigration but can't seem to find the definitive one.

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Go to the top of this page...

fyl made an excellent decision scripting/automating a Google site search for dummies.
In the "Google Custom Search" box at the top of the page type:
90 day perpetual tourist
(Or copy & paste)
Click the "Search" button. Then you will get "About 571 results" that will answer your question.

Is it true you must stay out for 6 mths after 2, 90 days periods

Oh just one more question while on the subject of immigration; I read somewhere that after staying in Nicaragua for 2 periods of 90 days, with 72hrs out of the country, between the 2 per. you cannot come back until 6 months have passed, since leaving the country. Is this true? A horse! A kingdom for a horse! Goran Bockman


No, it is not true.

Colombia has a 6 and 6 rule

6 months in 6 months out

Have you not read the countless boring posts on here about perpetual tourism in Nicaragua?

Cash Deposit; how much currently?

Thanks guys for all your help. That makes it all a lot easier!

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You as retiree are exonerated to pay the deposit for a one way ticket to return to country origin.

You can find more information here:

Just people who apply as: Spouse, Missioners, Workers, Business people must pay the deposit.

People how apply as Foreign Investor with the support of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce are exonerated too.

Best Regards,

Paul Tiffer Attorney at law

I was a spousal applcant

and did not pay it.


According to my lawyer the requirement for the cash deposit (depósito de garantía) is waived for people who obtain residency under the categories of pensioner, rentista, spouse of Nicaraguan citizen or certified foreign investor.

The cash deposit is of course separate from the fees DGMI charges for processing residency applications.

My "guess"

If you have a round trip ticket then they should not ask for anything. Otherwise it should be the cost of a return ticket.

FYL stop guessing :)

Mike is right, not required (for a 5 year card).

On a temporary 1 year, they still ask for it