Hi Guys and Gals of this forum. Goran Bockman here. I'm coming to Esteli on Sep13th this fall to scout out where I would like to retire. I'm looking to hire someone to facilitate my traveling and living in Nicaragua, in the first instance for the coming 6 months. So if you know, or know of, anyone fitting the description below please contact me or have him/her contact me. Much appreciated!

REQUIREMENTS: The suitable candidate, male or female, should be a healthy, native Nica, age between 25-45, with a fair level of English, who can cook easy meals and can RIDE HORSES. S/he will be intelligent and proactive, respectful and loyal, with strong moral values, yet friendly and bubbly.

AN ADDITIONAL BONUS would be if s/he holds a drivers license and is a resident of Esteli where I’m most likely to settle down. S/he should also have a good working knowledge of other areas of Nica, as we will be travelling extensively for the first few months

PREFERABLY s/he will be one of your in laws, if you’re married to a Nica, or perhaps a relative if you’re a Nica yourself. S/he could also be someone that you’ve previously employed, and can vouch for, or a close relative of such a person. S/he could also be sent by an employment bureau or similar, or have at least 2 contactable references.

I will pay a monthly salary of $150-200, depending on qualifications, plus any living and traveling expenses. The first period of employment will be for a probationary period of 6 mths, as of Sep 13th (possibly 14th), of this year, when I arrive in ESTELI. I’ll be staying in the ’Santa Maria B&B for 1 wk.

Following the period of 6 moths s/he will have a 2 months paid leave, while I return to London in order to arrange for the necessary documents, required to apply for my retirement visa, should I decide to retire in Nicaragua.

If you have a suitable candidate please contact me via e-mail, with a picture of the person that you would recommend for the job, on this EMA: goranbockman@yahoo.se

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Labour laws

Be aware there are labor laws in Nicaragua....which covers the Min amount of pay..holidays.sick days..maternity pay..etc etc

Labour laws

Thank you for reminding me gringo canuck , I just read through them the other day.

A horse! A kingdom for a horse! Goran Bockman

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Hi Goran, Please email me at: dickcobbs1@yahoo,com

Can't see how to send private message

Hi Dick, I've sent you a reply on the EMA you provided.

A horse! A kingdom for a horse! Goran Bockman

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