"B corporations"

Every time I post something critical of the US (today's US) I get jumped on for being anti-US. Let's try this on for size.

I previously posted an article about Vulture Capitalism on A42. It was not anti-Capitalism or even anti-US but some probably saw it that way. (The most anti-US is a post explaining how President Obama could "solve the problem" but has not.)

Well, today I read about what is called a "B corporation". Never heard of it before but it is a US entity that is still capitalism but in a version that actually considers more than the corporate bottom line. Read about it at http://a42.com/forum/pg/topicview/misc/country-information/usa/national/.... Note that it is not a new idea -- it is happening. It just sounds like a bit more public pressure needs to be applied to make it the norm.