Moving day

Today NL (and some other sites) are moving to a different server. This is a short move so I expect minimal problems. It is simply moving from one server at DreamHost to another. Thus a problem is likely to be a temporary DNS lookup issue.

Let me put in a plug for DreamHost here. I have used a lot of hosting companies in my life and have some pretty amazing stories, virtually all bad. Dreamhost has been far superior in ways I did not expect. That includes how they deal with migration of sites between servers.

The status info is up at and will be changed to reflect any "interesting events".

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A few minutes ago I got a message from DreamHost saying the move was complete. I have tested all the sites and all seems to be OK. I am going to leave this message up here but it does appear that, for once, a hosting move worked the way it was supposed to.

For the geeks, let me explain how this one worked.

NicaLiving and other sites have been on a dedicated server where hosting has cost way more than any revenue. A42 is moved to a site in Germany but moving NL there would be very complicated (because of the old software we are running and it's requirements). After looking for options I decided the easy solution was to move to shared hosting at DreamHost. But, I didn't understand how clean the move would be. Here is what I was told to do (and what worked).

  1. Add a shared hosting plan to my account. (That was a few clicks.)
  2. Delete the dedicated server. (Again a few clicks.)

I had hesitated doing this for a few days because I was sure it would not work. I even manually moved a couple of sites. I inquired again expecting them to tell me why it wouldn't work.

This morning I went to my control panel and deleted the dedicated server. Again, a couple of clicks. That's all. Half an hour later I get an email that says the move is done.