Bean Runner

Bean Runner

Not to be confused with Blade Runner, one of my all time favorite movies.

The idea: Run to Honduras, load up with 20 quintales of red beans at 55 cents /pound (these prices are in limps), drive back to Nicaragua, and sell them on the street for 75 cents /pound, netting $400 -- less combustible . . .they were really nice beans too, clean and uniform. That makes me competitive with the Sandinista distribution in MGA, AND you don't have to be FSLN to buy my beans . . .

Sure, a few questions to be answered, but the most important one: As the BeanRunner, is there a Pris in my future?

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How dare the Hondurans ...

... produce cheaper red beans! Then again, they don't have to meet the ghost-of-Hugo free quota, do they?

Actually I get it. With the 'Blade Runner' reference you're saying their red beans are genetically modified replicants, not true Nicaraguan red beans, "good for the heart".

Otherwise I'd say go for it pirate. I'd like to read your profile, see the photos in END when you get busted at the border running beans.

I Heard A

couple of semi's tried hauling NIcaraguan cuajada to Honduras and lost both loads when the paperwork wouldn't jell. Of course, that's a much more perishable cargo than beans.

I was telling my bean story to one of my workers today, he claims these are Nicaraguan beans, same deal with beans as with the gas, it's NIcaraguan gas (well, it's literally Ortega's gas) in Honduras and El Salvador, but gas is cheaper by quite a bit in both countries. How this works, I haven't a clue, but someone must.

How this border thing works, I just don't know. Most of the time the people take my cookies and ignore me. Honestly, the Nica piece seems simplest of all. My car is cached in the computer, they just have to enter the plate number, and can spit out a permit. I still have to take the two copies the issuer gives me with a carbon sheet between them, go back to the entry point, get an elaborate cross and signature ( I think this guy is supposed to look in my car, but he didn't bother this time), return to the issuer for my stamp, THEN get two copies of the original, one for the police guy (who recognized me and just waved me on), and one for the guy who finally lets me into NIcaragua. Of course, I also had to hit the Migration window, really quick, $12, and despite the way it's supposed to work, or not work, I got re-upped for another 90 days. This is Las Manos, Espino is different, but the concept is the same.

It's like $3.50 into and out of Honduras plus $15 for the car permit; $2 out of Nicaragua, $12 back in, car permit is free. Maybe $5 in cookies from the La Colonia in Danlí.

A Lot Better

LOL I'd still rather have a

LOL I'd still rather have a Rachael than Pris.