Fascinating Bit Of Sandinista History


This incident comes up in all the books about the war. Until now, I didn't know the perpetrator.

Curious that it would be a Swede that authored the bombing. Does sound like something Borge would do, but we can't ask him now.

Had Pastora been able to put aside his personal differences could he have been the force that turned the country in the other direction? There WAS a paucity of leadership. Nicaragua might be a vibrant country now, prosperous and well-educated,, instead of a close cousin to Haiti.

I'm reminded of Eisenhower's difficulties with De Gaulle and Montgomery during WW II

Link is from The Real Nicaragua's Daily Nicaraguan News Summary.

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There is so much more

The La Penca Bombing has a huge amount of history. Searching for "The Christic Institute" and "Daniel Sheehan" will get a lot of hits. For example, C-Span. (This particular video from 1987 shows how the "if you don't want to overthrow the Nicaraguan government then you are a Communist" rhetoric of the time.)

From what I have read/meetings I have attended (including presentations by Daniel Sheehan), the CIA is what created the situation we saw. The CIA funded the Contras but there were strings attached. While the Contra Northern Front tended to be more willing to accept the CIA strings, the Southern Front and Pastora in particular, was not very happy with it.

La Penca never should happened but it but one more example where the US government would not let Nicaragua determine its own destiny.

A Sheehan Presentation

at the World UFO Congress.


Thanks to MotherShip Productions . .

This comment to the video was undoubtedly from someone in the CIA:

Sheehan is the 10% poison pill that's thrown in to poison the whole well. Its on the record that this guy is an abysmal attorney. He held some of the most potentially damming cases against the US gov't in the palm of his hand and then subsequently destroyed them by drawing out litigation and through unexplainable and unintelligible courtroom conduct...but not before raising thousands of dollars. It was always Sheehan's conduct, never the facts of the case, that got the cases thrown out.

Or not . . .

Vatican part doesn't start until 9:30 -most people are not going to last that long.