So, ALBA Medical School

was only open a short time according to the following article dated the first of December:

"To be sure, Venezuela isn’t retreating into a hole. Maduro last month ordered the creation of a medical university in Venezuela to turn out doctors from around Latin America. He’ll present the proposal at this month’s summit in Caracas of the Bolivarian Alliance of nine leftist nations that includes Bolivia, Cuba and Ecuador".

A comment in Nicaragua Dispatch alludes to the possibility that the students were pulled out by Nicaragua after complaining to Venezuela about lack of food and basic necessities.

These are touchy times as the wheels fall off the ALBA bus :)

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You are missing the "valuable" information

that you get from those with way too much time in their hands so they hang out on Facebook.
(You probably have to be signed into a personal Facebook account)
Here is a discussion on the "Expats in San Juan del Sur" Group:
A new political twist - A right winger whining because the wheels fell off the left wing Venezuela welfare wagon and kicked his nephew off of the handout highway to a "free" socialized medical education owed to him by another country.

A link posted by our well known & respected local San Juan del Sur publisher to a La Prensa article with more information:
Seems like the program started on 2007.

If you are into searching for needles in a haystack for useful information:
"Expats in San Juan del Sur" Group:
(Some good Costa Rica border crossing info)
"Expats in Nicaragua" Group:
Seems to be Facebook groups for most cities/areas.