Urban Farming

An article in NationOfChange talks about some ways urban farming (and not just veggies) can be done. The article is not a how-to but rather intended as inspiration.

There are some examples presented but the two things you should take away from the article are:

  1. If grow organic locally works in Brooklyn and Singapore, it surely will work in the tropics.
  2. Creativity is the key.

Not only are people around the world capable of growing nutrient-dense, nourishing food that will feed their communities, even if they live in an urban setting, but they can also do it with élan. Some of the most creative urban gardening projects around the globe can inspire us to create our own green space in the city, or add luster to a space that’s already underway which just needs a little oomph. Here are some off-the-(biotech)-chain gardens that will get our creative juices flowing so that we can carry the dream of living pesticide and GMO-free,

Do you have any projects/ideas to share?