A42 email issues

Update: OK, I now claim it is "really fixed". The email should come from staff@a42.com and there is now an SPF record for A42. I will bow three times to the east. Let me know if you encounter any problems.


Due to the "server disaster" which required A42.com to scramble for a new home, there has been an email issue on the site. (Thanks Doug -- while your message confused me I did some testing and figured out what was happening.)

The visible result was that while "ecard mail" and notifications about likes were getting sent out fine other, more important, things such as user registration confirmations were not.

The issue was related to the DNS server for the domain. The change has been initiated but it will take some time for the propagation. Once complete I will make sure things are OK and "report back".

If you need to report an issue, the email address mono1@monosmedia.com is a good place. The site has been moved and email is functioning normally there. NL is still on the move list so there could be problems.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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More details

This has now been extensively tested.

  • Email is always from staff@a42.com
  • You will get a confirm email when you sign up, when discussions or pages you are monitoring change and when someone likes (or dislikes, I assume) anything you have placed in one of the galleries.
  • When you send an ecard, you specify your email address but it is still "processed" by staff@a42.com.

If you have previously set up an account and never received your confirmation message, ask for a password reset (which you can do with email address or username). You will get a new temporary password. Click on the automatic link which will also deal with the confirmation.

I think that's it. I still have one major change to make to A42 but that is internal. The only changes you should see aside from some downtime when I make the change are faster responses and the ability to upload larger images.

quick question on a42 please?

Basic question, as I don't understand what is going on with nicaliving.com

Are you replacing nicaliving.com with a42.com or will there be some redirects? IOW what is the change, visible or behind the scenes?

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There will be "some" redirects but more on the topical level. For example, the Forums button here now points to A42. Photos will point to A42 galleries. And so on.

There will no (OK, almost no) node-level redirects. I have no specific plans for node-level redirects but will see if there are obvious ones I need to add.

The reality is that NL becomes a piece of A42. That piece, however, gets distributed to the Forums, CEDI, Galleries, Links, Reviews, ...