Contact for electric buyback plan

I am looking for a government contact to whom I can present an idea for reforming laws related to electric energy generation. Something that clearly would benefit the world and will also help Nicaragua attain a higher level of power from renewable resources.

I am sure it won't surprise anyone here that I am talking about PV solar. Right now, being off-grid in parts of Nicaragua makes a lot of sense but what I what to suggest is that a favorable law that allows users to sell power back to the grid is in the interest of the consumer as well as in the interest of all of Nicaragua.

I am looking at something along the lines of the law in Guatemala which is discussed on The result of such a law would increase short-term employment, decrease dependence on foreign energy imports and help Nicaragua transition to 100% renewable energy. It also could significantly decrease air pollution by adding electric vehicles to the transportation mix.

I am (almost) ready to make this argument. What I am looking for is someone willing to listen and in a position where they could take action to, as Picard would say, "make it so".

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Buy back.


It do exist and many BIG guys can confirm it.

You make your plane and your estimated KW and the government will take that in to consideration.

After all the plans and financing is in place your time has come, negotiate with the government, not easy as many has learned.

1. Pick your place 2. Estimate your production 3. Provide financing and benefits 4. Negotiate with the gov regarding buy - back of left over KW

This is what I have learned from a guy that even if he had the backing of a 8 million USD loan fell to the ground.

This is not a easy biz and as time goes by it is even more like a illusion.

To be a private citizen trying to deal with this is just impossible under current regulations

There might be other people with different opinions regarding this, my opinion is based on a very solid proposal delivered by a government.

I highly agree that it should be possible for the best of the National economy to supply power if available, but at present this don't exist, might change tomorrow !!!!!

Good to know

I had a feeling the "negotiate" approach was what was necessary. What I need is something that works for "the little guy". I am working on a project in Guatemala that depends on this. There is no technical issue but it is going to take some politics to get it changed. I now have one possible legislative contact. I am working on a proposal.

Having this work is a side-benefit to the project I am working on as low-cost electricity makes it more cost-effective but could also be a nice way to lower electricity costs for those in the higher consumption brackets who are willing to invest some capital in the system. On the government end, PV solar produces power at peak load times so the government/grid benefits as well.

Anyway, thanks for the information. It pretty much confirms what I expected was the case.