Internet security on steroids

Normally in Nic. when I go online on a different compu, I get a test question of the ``what is your dog`s name `` type. Even if I fat finger it, I get a second question and move on.

On a recent trip the the US I got the royal treatment. I got the ``you are using a different compu`` message. Hotmail sent a code to yahoo. OK, Yahoo sent a code to Gmail. You guessed it, gmail sent a code to Yahoo! Eventually I found that one would send the code to my cel in Nic., so I called down to Nic and the person with my phone gave me the code and I proceded to unlock the whole mess.

I went into the settings of each account and tried to idiot proof it, but some version of this happened as I went from computer to computer as I visited people in different cities. In previous years, none of this happened.

Just a heads up. If you carry a portable device or never leave your house you may never have this problem. If you travel, go into your settings. Best bet would be to have the code sent to a phone cel that you have with you or with somebody who is very reachable. Likewise, have somebody on the Nic. end who could access your home compu and get the code. Heaven help you if this all happened during a natural disaster in Nic. or your cel got stolen or destroyed.

Hotmail was the worst player. After the first event, I went into settings and there was room for a US cel, a Nic cel and 2 backup email addresses. Problem was, when I went to the next house and was shut down, hotmail did not give me the option of choosing which one to send the code.

Facebook was worse: I went to upload some photos and facebook just locked me out.

Just a heads up if you are traveling. Even if you are just traveling within Nic., it is the different computer that triggers the problem, although so far incountru I have just received the test questions.

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Or just setup a google voice

Or just setup a google voice number that forwards to your cell phone, and that you can check SMS message via the web. Works great for when you dont have phone service but have internet access.


You have to be able to get into your Google account. :p

If you're online, why

If you're online, why wouldn't you have access to your google account?


Works for some services, but not others.

When I call one of my US credit card issuers, they report that they need to verify that they're speaking with me by texting me, and the Google Voice number comes up as a landline and the system won't let them send the text. With some other companies, it's fine. It's all very hit-or-miss.