was in a bag carried by a woman I picked up on the way back from the farm this afternoon. I don't pay much attention, they are all carrying a bag or bucket, and usually accompanied by a young child or two. They are grateful for the chance to get out of the heat and dust, and rest their feet. Travel in the campo is still very much by foot for many.

This bag was different, it squealed and grunted. I asked her if she was selling it, offered to buy it for the going price C$ 700, pulled my wallet out, reached the money back, and said "Trato!"

I was hoping it was an embra, had a name ready, and was imagining the bright red lipstick I would buy,, to answer that age-old question, can you put lipstick on a pig?

But it was a macho, so I had to come up with a name. It ran around, grunted a lot, but otherwise accomplished nothing, so I settled on Nicolas. We've already bonded, he lets me rub his back, Yaritsa gave him a bath with flea and tick shampoo as a proactive measure (since we were at it, we gave the two younger cats the same bath).

Nicolas is eating cat food in the pic, and he's a bit of a pig in the way he handles his food and eats. But, I have a lot of mangos falling and hope they become the mainstay of his diet. He also eats white rice and egg salad. I'm going to buy him some Purina piglet chow tomorrow.

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I suggest you rename your pet "el almuerzo".

Eddy Immediately Picked

up on the Maduro connection when he came over and saw Nicolas.

There may be more sophistication and world awareness here than I give them credit for. While I run around in the summer heat tilting at windmills, they know nothing much is going to change in their lives, and accept that graciously, in a way we never could. This gives them more time to focus on more important things.

Speaking of change, look at my next pic . . .I thought I was wasting my time, but these Nicas proved me wrong again . .

Nicolas Was Beginning

to worry me, thought he had a fever. Took him to the vet in my neat-O cat carrier, she's kind of like, "what's that pig doing here? I was not impressed with her porcine skills, but she did sell me an envelope of an anti-parasite powder, and an envelope of some nutritional supplement, and a wide aluminum dish that he was supposed to have more difficulty turning over. He still catches the lip of it with his nose and dumps it. Same thing with his water dish, tips it, and then drinks the water from the concrete. I'm not going to be able to take him anywhere until he learns some table manners.

Turns out, pig's normal temp is higher, up to 104F, but they do need cooling down in hot weather, they pant like a dog, and sweat from their nose (vet didn't tell me this, got it from the internet). I vaguely remember some plastic kiddie pools at PriceSmart, if not there, Mercado Oriental will have them.

BUT, he has begun eating the fallen mangos . . I though I might have to send him over to a friend on the Right Side for some OJT. Unlike his namesake, he's no dummy. He immediately discoverd the coolest spot available, on the tile floor under my bed.

As Nicolas And I

become closer I'm beginning to suspect that it's not cows who are responsible for green house gases . .

Or maybe it's the cat chow he prefers over the Nicaraguan pig feed. I'm going to try and find him some better feed on my trip to Honduras at the end of the month. The feed I bought in Condega did look low end, full of fines. Or, maybe it's the mangos.

One thing's for sure, he's not going to be able to sleep under my bed any more.

He spent a full day running around the day after his vet visit, verbalizing endlessly. I couldn't make any sense of his grunts. I was about to rename him Barak, or maybe BHO. I suspect he missed his mother and his siblings. He's since quieted down; he's got the cats after all.

Some woman who came by one morning looking for a ride up the hill suggested he needed milk. So, I tried that. He'll suckle it off my finger, but won't drink it from a bowl. I warmed it up; I tried making a mash for him: not interested. He prefers raiding the cat chow, and in the process catching the lip of the cats' water bowl, and tipping it over. That remains his favorite trick.

I wonder if KWP is smart enough to have named him

after Nicolas Maduro (Mature) i.e. when he is, he will be almuerzo!