El Circo!

Not the Ringling Bros Barnum Baily circus of my youth with the picture perfect Papa, Mama, and baby or two elephants walking along with trunks wrapped around the tail of the preceding animal. No carnival acts (which I always associate with a circus, although probably never the case). The circus was BIG in Iowa, as you can imagine. School, church on Sunday, the Iowa State Fair, and the circus. The rest was work and more work.

Still, for Estelí a really big deal. I was amazed at the number of adults without children, young couples, who attended. For my campo workers (adult ticket) the price of admission was almost a day's pay. Kids got in for C$ 50, babes in arms (we had one),, free.

It was as much vaudeville as circus, we had one camel, four miniature horses, a llama, three very long in the tooth lions (US Zoo retirees??), some leopards.

Scantily clad dancers (boy shorts didn't really work for one of the girls) appeared at regular intervals, some high wire, a VERY talented hula hoop girl keeping several hoops twirling on various appendages, a Michael Jackson impersonator with a sequined glove moon walking in his clown shoes to "Billy Jean". Animal acts, including the leopards jumping through a ring of fire. One-man-band- clown with cymbals tied to his knees, drum on his back, struck with a tail appendage, and playing a trumpet was a big hit. So, he kind of rotated his butt up to beat the drum, clapped his knees together, and blew his trumpet. Big Applause.

Motorcycle act in the cage of death, guy riding around the inner periphery of a steel sphere, with his GF standing in the middle, typical Circus Circus Las Vegas act that plays every hour. The circus WAS called the Circo Americano.

MUCH audience participation, clapping and singing along, no shyness or reticence here. Show was supposed to start at 7:30, finally did at 8:00, lasted until a little after ten. Campo crowd finally got back to La Lima (finca) at midnight; Yaritsa made it home in Condega (we had to shake her pretty hard to wake her), but her mother, little brother and the hermanitas spent the night in my spare bedroom,, they were all soundly asleep when we got here.

The intermission consists of the kids lining up to get there pics taken either sitting on the llama, or posing with the leopard. Leopard looked like he might have been lightly tranked. As you left, the pics were available for C$100. Circus is probably a tough business, every penny counts. They sold a LOT of photos.

Oldest guest was a grandmother, Jaido's mother, youngest was the Baron Noe at 8 months. Noe didn't have much interest in the acts, spent most of the night teething on the flash drive I keep on my key ring.

I think I had the best fun of all, money well spent.

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glad u enjoyed..

it was money well spent..the things we have todo..to keep the farm folks happy..and its well worth it