Norman and Norman

I took Norman to the vet Saturday to get him fixed. I'd met the vet before, a guy in Estelí I'd found about a year ago. Saturday was his really busy day, he sells feeds, supplements, and medicines as well as the vet thing, and the store was packed. So, we wound up making the trip back again on Sunday morning.

Interestingly, the vet's name was Norman too, which let to a series of adolescent jokes about cutting the cojones off the right Norman, etc, etc.

Eddie was holding Norman and when the vet put two syringes down on the table, I said, just Norman, we're not doing Eddie today . . .We all had a great time, except maybe for Norman (the cat).

Norman's son (Norman the vet) is studying veterinary medicine at UCATSE, the every Saturday for five years program that Jaido is on. He's a strapping, good looking young guy with a ready smile to my jokes (Are all Gringos this stupid ?? was probably what he was thinking, but too polite to show it). Norman got his veterinary degree at UCATSE as well.

The procedure was without issue, Norman (the vet) washed his hands, donned a new coat, made some surgical sponges out of TP wrapped around four extended fingers, and as soon as Norman (the cat) was sufficiently out of it (with pupils the size of plates) quickly completed the procedure.

We wanted to give Norman (the cat) some time to come out of the anesthesia before we moved him so Eddie and I went off to La Casita for breakfast, a mistake, an hour wait even with a table . . . someone should clue that guy in on the American concept of turning tables . . He could triple his gross.

When we returned Norman (the vet) had Norman (the cat)'s cojones in a clear plastic bag. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with them. They were surprisingly large for a small animal.

We took Norman (the cat) home where he remained somewhat punch drunk the rest of the day. He recovered his appetite quickly, and I opened a can of cat food for him as a treat. He would walk a few steps, fall over on his side, get up, and continue. Despite this, he was hungry because of the food restriction before the surgery.

Norman continues to do very well, the incision healed nicely. We have an antiseptic spray, Neobol, that we spray on the site if he tries to lick it. It's a two man procedure, I hold Norman upright with his back against my chest, and Yaritsa gives him a good shot of the antiseptic. It sounds like a jet taking off, and the spray is icy coming out of the can. Norman reacts as you might expect.

Despite this assault on Norman's dignity (and worse), we've still remained good friends.

Vet is: Jose Norman Maldonado. Policia de Transito, 2 c al Norte, Estelí 2713 4210 Price was C$ 1000. He spays female cats for C$ 2000.

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on spadeing..if ure in mga..

.check this group out..i do some volunteer work for them.. .. they have done 2 cats which i got from them..and a dog for me..real nice people