Never A Dull

moment in Venezuela as the government seeks managed solutions to the managed economic crisis:

So, we're going to use old cars and motocycles as rebar . .? .. .I'm trying to picture this, I'm not an engineer so it's going to take a while. "Nicolas, hand me another rocker panel for this lintel, looks a bit saggy . . No, no a steering column won't work. We'll use that on the roof pour along with the front axle."

Why not just weld it all together and cover it with a few pieces of zin?

In the forum selection, we need another choice: "There Just Isn't a Category For Something Like This"

As a footnote, that Caracas skyscraper in the story was featured in an episode of Homeland:

" . . But for many the tower really does provide a refuge from the violence and chaos of Caracas outside – a city plagued by poverty and shortages that has suffered under the long socialist rule of the regime of Hugo Chavez and now his successor, Nicolas Maduro. Caracas has the world's third highest annual murder rate, with 109 homicides per 100,000 individuals, and is home to vast, sprawling slums ..." Just can't beat socialism.

Have you noticed the sky high price of beans in Nicaragua? At least the Venezuelans are eating well for a change. I noticed a big pile of corn cobs in front of a house in La Laguna on the way to my farm yesterday. I could stop by and ask the guy if he'd be willing to donate them to Venezuela . . but I think I already know his answer: "Go tell our socialist brothers in Venezuela to pack sand!

Everyone knows their beans are going to Venezuela, hence the price.

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More Breaking News

. . . from Venezuela.

. . . . "Now they're going round with this stupid idea that they're going to sanction us," Maduro said late on Friday in a speech to ecologists, using the word "estúpidos" – which has a stronger connotation in Spanish. .. .

Would you tank your vehicle at a gas station where the attendant called you "stupid" ?

This is the moment to stop buying Venezuelan oil. At that point we will have nothing more to talk about. The UN and Amnesty International can address the continuing human rights violations --which will only get worse as Maduro faces more and more discontent.

Venezuela becomes another Cuba or North Korea, a country to be contained and isolated. Maybe Putin will site a Russian re-fueling base there.