Sometimes A Solution

can be so simple:

In this case simply eliminate the cut flowers coming from Ecuador (a country that supports the traitor- facilitator Assange) and replace these imports with American grown flowers. Why buy something from a country whose interests are contrary to those of the US ?

Nicaragua's preferential agreements for apparel imports should be reviewed as they come up for renewal in light of Ortega's support of Iran's anti-semitic stance, and Putin's expansionist policies. This should NOT be an economic problem for Nicaragua, as they can easily substitute the market in Russia and Iran for the existing market in the US.

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Back to plants - especially cut flowers..

Don't blame Ecuador - Blame the Dutch...

Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer

If it is a Cut Flower it may have "Came from somewhere" but almost a 100% certainty that it was "Sold" in Aalsmeer..

Where's that war when we need one?

I've often wondered why U.S. politicians spend so much time trying to fart themselves to death over what the Cubans do in their spare time, what Hugo Chavez had for breakfast, and similar things, but not a single one of them has ever proposed dealing with the vast commie conspiracy in China, the country whose economy will be the largest in the world by the end of this year. That's 2014.

Why not start another war and deal a deadly blow once and for all? Why give away everything we've ever built for cheap Wally World T-shirts? Anyone up for going over the top?

Meanwhile, what about flowers?

Flowers? How about the U.S. grow all its own coffee? Move off Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Vietnam, Brazil, and all the rest, grow the pure stuff, right in Kansas? Same with bananas. Plenty of room for them in Montana and Idaho, and they're fun for target practice. (Easy to sight in on with that good bright yellow color. Maybe have a NRA brand?)

Why not all U.S. grown? On U.S. government plantations? True freedom.

Julian Assange is a non-issue. He's got a self-imposed life sentence. Until Rafael Correa leaves office anyway. Heh. Sorry about that, J.A. -- asylum was only a gesture. Move along now.

No one cares about him, certainly not here in Ecuador. And Ecuador doesn't sell flowers or bananas or avocados to the U.S. Ecuadorian businesses do. On a free-enterprise level. Like this guy: Ecuadorian rose exporter finds profit in mixing business with social and environmental consciousness.

Oops. I forgot chocolate. The U.S. can grow its own cacao, right? Sure, why not? Forget about Pacari Chocolate. "Pacari is family owned and is a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, as well as fair-trade, Kosher, and Certified Organic." Family shmamily. Let's have the government declare that U.S. citizens can't buy from them because families are by nature communistic. (Your spouse ever charge you for sex? You ever charge your kids rent? Diaper-changing fees? Didn't think so. Join the club, commie rats.)

And forget about Kallari too. Same kinda commie cooperative subversive crapola. (When did that ever work?) "The only native American chocolate. We are a cooperative of 850 families of the Kicwha Nation and our people have lived in the Napo Province for over a thousand generations." So what does that mean?

What if their tired old relatives invented chocolate? So what? We can now make it out of good old North Dakota crude. Any day now. We got plenty the stuff comin' out all over. As someone who grew up back in the Land of the Frozen Dead, I can assure you that my relatives and former friends need work too and can probably figure out something that is both gooey and chewy and leaves practically no bitter aftertaste and is both brown and very seldom either immediately toxic or explosive. Just like the real stuff.

Sure. Let's do it.

No Sniveling!

Cause they're cheaper

to answer your question. Not all our actions are politically guided. It's a global economy and I'm a citizen of Earth.

And what about that bit: "Love your enemy." Did you skip that Sunday school class? Or did you decide that that advice was only for saps.


If they were politically guided then China probably wouldn't now be holding a few trillion dollars of US debt and your motorcycle/light bulbs/... would not be made in that evil commie country China.

From my experience, politics is money for politicians and for the rest of us, money overrides politics.


Those links point to a barren wasteland of nothingness ...

Yes, A42 is looking dismal ...

... and much less inviting to the sort of banter I occasionally like to read here on ol', soon-to-vaporize NicaLiving.

Yes, it looks like it'll be more useful at some future date to those considering expatriating from their birth country. Meanwhile it seems too focused to that purpose. To wit, contributing to A42 feels like becoming an unpaid employee/volunteer to a dot com business. I'm a fan of the 'sharing economy' but there are limits.

Yes, it does

That's your choice. The forums (that currently have virtually nothing in them) are there for discussion. Sub-forums will be created if needed.

As for "unpaid employee/volunteer", that's me and sball.


I haven't volunteered yet. You're assuming, and you know what happens when you assume... LOL

What Is Going To

happen to the NicaLiving domain?

Will be become available? Shame to let that much history evaporate ...

As far as why DO kisses Iranian, Russian and (previously) Libyan butt, the answer is simple: They give him money. Just the way it is, and always has been.

It was well known that Gadafi for example passed out hundreds of thousands to the lesser members of the UN General Assembly to secure their support.

Shame to let that much

Shame to let that much history evaporate ...

Chinese Are Still Commies ??

That's news to me.

I had already moved them into the savage capitalism column (along with Nicaragua).

My point on the flowers: we trade with our friends, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, (sometimes) Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, etc, and withdraw trade preferences from those who mean us ill will.

An anology: would you invite the guy who was having an affair with your wife to your Sunday barbecue? If we need something badly (maybe he's your boss), it's different, but we can get just about everything we need from friends whose interests parallel ours.

We don't need Ecuador's cut flowers, nor do we need Venezuela's oil. Chinese can step up, buy Venezuelan, and push it through their new Nicaraguan canal (ten years from now). Venezuela can use the dongs to buy Chinese TP. Ten years is a long time to go without TP, but there are alternatives. I suggest corn cobs from Nicaragua.

Wishful thinking

Ask the people who are now dealing with a retroactive tax for businesses just how savage Nicaraguan capitalism is.

There's a Chinese Communist Party that's still in charge of the country. Still over 50% state owned, so a mixed economy. --- still a very large patronage party.

Rebecca Brown

Fair question

That is, minus minus a few "external references".

The answer (and more) is at

Good Answer, Thanks

And thanks again. It has been a great resource. Re-inventing the wheel In Nicaragua is probably more painful than other places.

Having someone relate: "This is how I did it", makes a lot of things do-able.

There is a lot of sense about how things work -and don't work- here too, subtleties, and a lot of good discussion about how to deal with them,

This is your chance

Well, this is your chance to find the good stuff and get it organized. Most should end up in the "CEDI". It is a standard template for all countries (only about 10 have it so far) with lots of places in the hierarchy to add information.

When I initially moved to Costa Rica I sure could have used a "NicaLiving equivalent". On average, things are just as complicated there as in Nicaragua and, in some cases, significantly more complicated. Of the four countries in Central America where I have had to deal with things it has been the easiest, by far, in Guatemala. While I have had a lot less dealings in Panama, everything seemed just as complicated as Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

Oh, sorry

I thought KWP wanted a place to write about Ecuador, USA, Iran, Russia, ...

He just wants a place where he is loved...

Sadly, he has chosen us as his extended family. Only God knows how bad the other options were.


That's the funniest thing I heard all day. Who says you can't choose your family? LOL